Mass Save is a program designed to promote energy saving awareness. The program is sponsored by Massachusetts energy providers such as National Grid and Eversource, and they work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to promote energy efficiency. HomeWorks energy works directly with Mass Save and administers Mass Save Incentives. These allow us to offer generous rebates on our work and various no-cost extras which means instant savings for you, the homeowner.

We conduct no-cost home energy assessments. A highly-trained energy specialist will come to your home and determine how well your home’s energy is utilized, and how much is wasted. The specialist will provide you a full report, with any energy efficiency recommendations we find, and you can pick and choose which energy efficiency upgrades you’d like to install. Check out how home energy assessments can save you money on your utility bills.

We will provide you with as many energy-efficient CFL or LED light bulbs, and even install them for you! CFL and LED bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer. Learn more about CFL and LED bulbs and how they can reduce your electricity bill.

We can also provide you with a programmable thermostat for no cost. Over half of a typical energy bill is spent on heating and cooling – programmable thermostats can help to reduce that figure by adjusting the temperature of your home throughout the day, according to your schedule. Pay less to keep your home comfortable.

Absolutely no-cost targeted air sealing. Drafts are a major source of lost energy. They let the air you spent money heating or cooling out, and the outside air in. This means you’re using energy and spending money cooling or heating the air outside your house! During your home energy assessment, an energy specialist will conduct a blower door test to find exactly where air is leaking out of your home. Air sealing fills the various gaps, cracks, and crevices that let air out, saving most homeowners 5%-20% on their energy bill.

Finally, receive up to 75% off insulation, up to $2,000! Proper insulation can mean the difference between running your heating or air conditioning flat-out all the time, and running it moderately. Don’t pay to heat the outdoors!

Contact HomeWorks Energy at (781) 305-3319 and schedule a no-cost home energy assessment. Start saving money, saving energy, and saving the environment.