Summer 2024 made quite an entrance, bringing record-high temperatures to much of New England. While Massachusetts residents are enjoying a respite from the upper-90s temperatures of mid-June, it’s important to make sure your cooling system can handle the heat ahead.

If any of these symptoms sound like your cooling system, it’s time to schedule a Heating and Cooling Consultation with a HomeWorks Energy HVAC Specialist:

  1. Not Cooling – If warm air keeps flowing after you switch your thermostat to cool, it’s pretty clear your HVAC has a problem! When you turn the temperature down, refreshing, cold air should blow from the vents. If not, give us a call!
  2. 10+ Years Old – Generally, an HVAC’s lifespan is about a decade. If yours is 10 years old or older, you will definitely want to schedule regular maintenance checks (at least once per year) to make sure it’s clean and functioning properly.
  3. Short-cycling – During the heat of summer, it’s normal for your AC unit to switch on and off throughout the day. However, if you notice it cycling on and off unusually often, there is likely an issue.
  4. Weak Airflow – If cold air is flowing but the pressure is weak, call us to come take a look. Whether it’s the compressor, the motor, a blocked duct or filter, or something else, insufficient airflow won’t be enough to cool your home this summer.
  5. Strange Noises – We’re all used to hearing the AC unit kick on when the house gets a little too warm. But if you’re hearing something else while it’s running – grinding, buzzing, rattling, etc. – there’s likely a loose part or belt, and you’ll want to get that checked out ASAP.
  6. Humid Home – Summer weather means more humidity, but that shouldn’t be the case in an air-conditioned home. If your HVAC isn’t keeping the humidity down as well as the temperature, it’s not doing it’s job and may need a repair.
  7. Odd Smells – If something smells off when you’re AC is running, trust your nose! Mold/mildew could be the cause, and you’ll want to get microbial growth out of your home before it gets worse.
  8. Freon or Water Leaks – If you notice liquid pooling around your HVAC unit, call HomeWorks right away. While some condensation is normal, a water leak could mean broken tubing, and it could be more serious: If coolant is leaking, poisonous Freon liquid is present in or around your home.

HVAC systems are a lifeline during the summer months, and it’s best to get them checked out once a year for regular cleaning and maintenance. But if something is obviously off with your AC unit, don’t wait to get it checked out. An HVAC problem could be costing you comfort and money, since malfunctions often lead to inefficient energy use.

HomeWorks is here to help.

Call (781) 374-7079 or click here to schedule an HVAC Consultation today, and stay cool all summer long.