With the summer solstice just a week away, warm weather is here to stay! Now is the time to prep your home for higher temps ahead. Here’s a list of home energy hot topics to help you beat the heat (and save on your utility bill) this summer.

Summer Prep Checklist

How’s your insulation? Don’t waste money letting the cool air seep out or the hot air creep in. As a Mass Save partner, we can help you qualify for 75 to 100% off the cost of insulation upgrades through a no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

Check your HVAC. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your cooling system looked at, now is the time! And if you need a replacement, we’ll show you how to access up to $10,000 in heat pump rebates. (Despite their name, heat pumps are also the most efficient way to cool your home!)

Assess Energy Loss. As much as 30% of your home’s heating and cooling energy costs could be going straight out the window, literally. A specialist will let you know how much energy you’re losing and recommend replacement windows if necessary. And thanks to the sponsors of the Mass Save program, we’re able to offer 100% off air sealing after your assessment!

Harness the sun. Ever thought about installing solar panels? Convert those extra hours of sunlight into energy that helps cool your home. Early summer is the perfect time to go solar! We partner with Palmetto, which offers a no-obligation consultation.

Don’t forget the small things. Make sure your ceiling fans are spinning counterclockwise, change your air filters, and close your window coverings while you’re out to help out your cooling system. A HomeWorks Energy specialist can also seal around drafty doors during your Home Energy Assessment.

Don’t wait until your cooling system fails or you open that big energy bill. No matter your energy efficiency needs, we’re ready to help you save! In addition to the incentives above, you can also qualify for 0% financing on up to $50,000 for any additional energy upgrades when you complete a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. And federal tax credits can add even more savings.

Summer is here! Make your home more comfortable, enjoy lower cooling costs, and feel at peace knowing you’re prepared for the season ahead.

As Massachusetts homeowners prepare to beat the heat, we’re already seeing a spike in appointments, so be sure to reserve your place on our schedule. Grab your spot by calling us now at (781) 305-3319 or scheduling online at homeworksenergy.com.