There are a lot of HVAC companies out there, so how do you know which one to trust with your home and your money? Choosing the right company for your HVAC needs is an important decision because it can impact the longevity of your HVAC system, your heating and cooling bills, and the comfort of your home.

Experienced HVAC Crew

Finding trained and experienced HVAC technicians can make all the difference in your experience and outcome. If you’re signing up for a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment, look at the company’s website and see how many assessments the company has performed. What kind of certifications do the specialists and company possess? How many heating systems have they installed this year? Asking important questions about company qualifications will give you peace of mind that your system and your home will be handled with the utmost care. Do they have a blog or resources on their website? That’s another great way to see that they know their stuff and want to share it with homeowners and renters like you.

HVAC Consultation

Energy efficiency looks different for every home which is why an HVAC Consultation (sometimes called a Heating & Cooling Consultation) is important to figuring out the needs of your home and which solutions are best for your energy efficiency challenges. Find a company that offers a consultation to customers at no cost – this is not only helpful to get the right solution, but it’s a way for you to ask any questions you might have about your current system or a potentially upgraded one. HomeWorks offers a Heating & Cooling Consultation here to Massachusetts residents across the state!

Home Energy Efficiency

Is energy efficiency mentioned on the company’s website or stated in their mission? If an HVAC contractor is not talking to you about the energy efficiency of your home or your system, that is a definite red flag. A company who specializes in energy-efficient HVAC systems (and beyond!) is your best bet so that you get on the right path to saving energy and money year-round. It’s also helpful if they’re knowledgeable about energy efficiency in a variety of ways, not limited to HVAC systems. They’ll be able to connect your insulation and other home challenges to your HVAC issues, making it a full whole-home approach, rather than a one-sided or siloed solution.

Company Values

We talk with homeowners and renters every day and we understand that inviting someone into your home is a big deal. It makes all the difference when you feel comfortable that the company you’re working with will respect your home and treat it with care. Check out their online reviews and look at their website to get a good idea of how transparent, helpful, careful, and friendly they are – among other important qualities!

For example, at HomeWorks Energy, we showcase our mission, vision, and values to give customers an inside look into who we are as an HVAC contractor and Mass Save® partner. One of our values is “Inspire Customer Confidence” which means that we follow through on the promises we make to customers and care about their needs. We also talk about how we prioritize learning, growing, and improving – which we find imperative to the quality of our service to Massachusetts residents.

Multiple Energy-Efficient Solutions

It’s helpful to find a company that can handle many, if not all, aspects of your heating, cooling, and energy efficiency needs. This allows for simplicity as you will only have to deal with one company to reach your goals. For example, at HomeWorks Energy, we offer Home Energy Assessments, and are also skilled at completing a variety of energy efficiency upgrades ranging from insulation to heat pumps, to repair and maintenance. We’re a one-stop-shop when it comes to home energy efficiency, and if there’s something like knob and tube wiring removal that needs to be handled out-of-house, we already have partners lined up to step in and take over – to make it an easy process for you. The last thing you want to do is jump around to different companies to get what you need. Not only will it take longer, but it will be more complicated. Plus, it’s easy for miscommunications to occur when many hands are involved.

A Mass Save Partner

Homeowners and renters are realizing the impact of home energy efficiency on their bills and the planet. We’re seeing an increased interest in home energy efficiency and as local, state, and national governments get on board, there are more and more special incentives and offers that make upgrades accessible and affordable.

For example, because HomeWorks Energy is a Mass Save partner, we are able to offer Massachusetts residents discounts and offers that other HVAC companies don’t have access to because they’re not affiliated with the Sponsors of the Mass Save program. Mass Save offers include:

  • No-cost Home Energy Assessment
  • No-cost home energy report
  • 100% off sealing air leaks in your home
  • 75-100% off insulation upgrades
  • Up to $10,000 in heat pump rebates
  • 0% financing up to $25,000 for up to 7 years (insulation, heat pumps, and more)
  • No-cost energy-efficient items like advanced power strips, programmable thermostats, and water-saving devices

Other partnerships are also important – if other companies, nonprofits, or cities trust the company enough to partner with them to achieve a mission, that says something.

Are you looking for a Heating & Cooling company to come to your home with transparent and friendly service? At HomeWorks Energy, we can help you solve a variety of your energy efficiency needs. Call us at (781) 305-3319 to sign up for a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment or a Heating & Cooling Consultation, both at no cost! You can also schedule easily online at any time by clicking here. It’s our mission to help homeowners and residents all over Massachusetts access energy efficiency – let us know how we can help!

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