There’s a reason that air source heat pump sales continue to rise every year in the Northeast.

We’ve personally seen an increased interest in heat pumps from residents all over Massachusetts as more and more homeowners and renters learn about the advantages of electrification – and most recently because of newly released rebates and 0% financing from the Sponsors of the Mass Save® program.

So, why are your neighbors making the decision to electrify their homes? Is it the money they save every year or is it the positive impact it has on the planet? Well, it’s really all of that!

Your neighbors are adopting home electrification because it’s an investment in the future.

That’s a pretty broad term though, right? Investment in the future. So, what does that mean?

You see, we make a lot of decisions; some decisions come with a short-lived impact, while others impact us for years to come. The impact of a heat pump install is positively far-reaching and long-lasting, and it extends to generations and decades far beyond what we can even imagine on installation day.

Our customers come to HomeWorks Energy with diverse goals in mind for the future, whether that’s saving up money, making their family home as efficient as possible, or taking care of the planet that they’ll leave to their grandchildren. But it always comes back to the “investment” they’re making in today, tomorrow, but more importantly, the investment they’ll (or their children will) feel years down the road.

How does electrification impact your future?

For 13 years now, Massachusetts has taken 1st or 2nd place in state energy efficiency in the U.S., and while that can be attributed to initiatives like the Mass Save® program and other state campaigns, resident participation in energy efficiency is a big part of keeping Massachusetts competitively green.

The second biggest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the state is the building sector, and with the state’s goal of reaching net zero GHG emissions by 2050, residential participation is and will be an indispensable factor to reach energy reduction targets.

When community members talk to our Home Energy Specialists about upgrading to a heat pump, we often hear about their visions for sustainability and what that means for the generations to come in their family, community, and beyond.

Electrification can also trigger savings that are reflected in your monthly energy costs and could continue to save you money for years to come. For example, according to a Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) study, residents with heat pumps in the Northeast experienced savings of $459 yearly, when compared to electric resistance heaters, and $948 when compared to oil systems. Whether it increases a customer’s home value or reduces energy costs, our customers ask us a lot of questions about how they can save today and for years to come.

How would electrification impact your future or your family’s or community’s future in a positive way? Is it comfort during the upcoming winter and all Nor’easters that follow? Is it leaving your children a family home that is energy-efficient, safe, and affordable to own? Or does it come down to the environmental impact or cost-effectiveness of the upgrade?

There’s no wrong answer. Electrification not only impacts the future, but it is the future, and we’ve learned that that means different things for our diverse customer base.

If you haven’t electrified your home yet, we can help answer your unique questions and help you figure out how electrification fits into your future.

Learn about electrification by calling HomeWorks Energy at (781) 305-3319 or clicking here to schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. As a Mass Save partner, we can help you access up to $10,000 in heat pump rebates and 0% financing to help with any leftover costs of electrifying your home.

Join your neighbors and electrify your home today!