Are you ready to watch the greenest showdown of the year? With Super Bowl 2024 kicking off at Allegiant Stadium, all eyes are on the field – and this time, the battle extends beyond touchdowns and field goals. 

In a groundbreaking move, the 2024 Super Bowl is not just about scoring points; it’s about scoring big for the planet. NFL Green is pioneering a carbon-neutral extravaganza, marking a historic shift in Super Bowl history. 

But hold onto your helmets, because Allegiant Stadium isn’t just any arena – it’s a shining beacon of sustainability. Powered entirely by renewable energy, this stadium isn’t just breaking records; it’s rewriting them. Picture this: a solar farm boasting over 620,000 solar panels, enough to power not just the game, but a small city. The Las Vegas Raiders are in on the action too, with a 25-year commitment to solar power from the Nevada farm. 

From a roof that lets in just the right amount of daylight to keep cool without breaking a sweat, to a grass field that basks in natural sunlight on its very own rail system – this stadium is as green as it gets. Even the leftovers, from grass clippings to hot dog wrappers, are either composted or converted into clean energy. 

But wait, there’s more! The NFL is stepping up its game with a plastic-free playbook, swapping out single-use plastics for compostable alternatives. And they’re not stopping there – sustainable transportation initiatives are in full gear, with electric shuttles, bike-sharing programs, and carpool incentives ensuring fans can cheer on their team without leaving a big carbon footprint. 

It’s all part of NFL Green’s game plan, ensuring that the Super Bowl leaves a green legacy in every community it touches. So while Usher rocks the halftime show, we’ll be cheering not just for our favorite team, but for a more sustainable future. 

So, who are we rooting for? I’m rooting for Mother Earth, and with efforts like these, it looks like she’s winning the Super Bowl this year. 


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To learn more about the NFL’s green efforts, click here


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