If you live in Massachusetts, you do not want to miss out on your Home Energy Assessment. The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer assessments to help Massachusetts residents learn about the energy efficiency of their homes. Your assessment is no cost and no obligation because you help fund the program through an energy efficiency charge on your energy bill (take a look!). While there are many benefits of an assessment, we picked five to dive into. 

Custom Home Energy Report 

During your assessment, a trained energy specialist will come to your home and show you where your home is losing energy. You’ll learn about the energy efficiency of your home and your specialist will pinpoint ways you can save on energy costs all year. At the end of your assessment, you will receive a custom home energy report with all the findings. The specialist will then walk you through any state or federal incentives that would help with the cost of improving the efficiency of your home. The custom report is yours to keep and there’s no obligation to move forward with anything your specialist spots! It’s a great learning experience and the perfect way to get all of your questions answered – no costs involved! 

No-Cost Energy-Saving Items 

Also at your assessment, your specialist will give you energy-saving items at no cost and install them for you. Depending on your home, you could receive new programmable thermostats, faucet aerators, shower heads, or advanced power strips. These items ensure that you start saving energy and money on the day of your assessment. When your specialist leaves your house, no matter which upgrades you decide to move forward with, your home is already more efficient. All energy-saving items are part of the assessment and are offered at no cost to you, thanks to the Sponsors of Mass Save. This real homeowner in West Springfield received over $700 in items to help make his home more efficient. 

Insulation and Air Sealing Discounts 

Insulation and air sealing upgrades make your home more comfortable in every season and help lower your monthly heating and cooling expenses. At your assessment, your specialist will assess your home’s insulation at no cost and let you know if there is room for improvement. If there are recommended upgrades, and you decide to move forward with them, you could get 75-100% off insulation costs. Plus, you can get the air leaks in your home sealed at no cost – say goodbye to drafty spots in your home! There are also thousands of dollars in incentives to help mitigate barriers like vermiculite or asbestos. Your specialist will have all the details for you and can help walk you through the possibilities before you make your decision.  

Big Heating and Cooling Rebates 

There’s no better time to get your heating and cooling system upgraded – especially if you’ve just tightly sealed your home with insulation and air sealing upgrades. Right now, you can get up to $10,000 in heat pump rebates to help with the cost of switching to a heat pump, the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. You can go ducted or ductless, whole-home or partial, and there are different configurations to match your home’s needs. And yes, don’t worry, it can handle the New England winter weather that comes our way. Get into the details about heat pumps here. If you want to heat and cool your home using substantially less energy (and be prepared for a future without fossil fuels) this is the way to go. 

0% Financing for Upgrades 

Once you’ve received all your rebates and incentives for things like insulation or heat pumps, you can still access 0% financing for the remainder of any costs, up to $50,000. This helps break down leftover costs into easy monthly payments for up to 7 years, depending on the size of your project. Your specialist can explain your options and is accustomed to helping homeowners through the process. There are also additional benefits, incentives, and opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents, plus federal tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act that can also be helpful to minimize costs. 

Ask your specialist! Most of the rebates and incentives offered by the Mass Save Sponsors are only offered through an assessment. This is the first step!  

As a longtime Mass Save partner, HomeWorks Energy can schedule your assessment, send an energy specialist to your home to complete your assessment, and help you complete any upgrades you decide to move forward with, plus help you access your eligible state and federal incentives. Our mission is to simplify energy efficiency for homeowners and renters like you. 

To schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment, call (781) 305-3319 or click here. It only takes a few minutes! 

Let’s make the world greener and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency in our own homes.