Smart power strip

Some of your electronics use electricity even when they’re switched off (but still plugged in). Home entertainment systems (TV, etc.) and home computer setups are prime candidates for energy efficiency. To help with this problem, HomeWorks Energy, a Mass Save partner, distributes advanced power strips during your home energy assessment. These “smart” power strips are designed to help reduce energy waste.

Homeowners are excited to receive their advanced power strips, but always ask “how do they work?” These are not intended to be used as a traditional power strip. Instead, they are designed for scenarios where you have several devices dependent on a “control” device such as a TV or computer.

First, plug your TV or PC into the Control outlet. Next, plug your cable TV box or PC’s modem/router into the Always On outlets. Finally, plug any peripheral devices into the Switched outlets. For TVs, peripheral devices may include a soundbar, Blu-ray player or AV receiver. For PCs, peripheral devices may include a printer, speakers, or monitor. Once you’re all plugged in, you can now be sure that all your peripherals are not consuming electricity when you turn off your TV or PC.

Advanced power strips are just one component of the energy-saving measures we offer during the no-cost assessment. When the power strips are combined with new LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and efficient showerheads, it adds up to significant savings. Call HomeWorks Energy at (781) 305-3319 or fill out our form to schedule your assessment online.