Want to shake-up the stay-at-home regimen? Thinking of upgrading your window unit air conditioner to make working from home more comfortable, more eco-friendly and easier on the wallet?

HomeWorks Energy shifted to conducting Virtual Home Energy Assessments, allowing residents to still take advantage of Mass Save® rebates and incentives with minimal contact. Virtual assessments help protect the wellbeing of our customers and employees, while still assisting residents with program access. After a VHEA, homeowners can receive no-cost energy-savings devices, and will be eligible for insulation that’s reimbursed 75% or more by the program!

The virtual assessment requires a phone number or internet connection for a conversation with a Home Energy Specialist, and a means to take photos of your home (like a smartphone). Photos of items like light bulbs, water fixtures, and home heating and cooling systems help our certified Home Energy Specialists provide a more accurate assessment from a distance.

During the scheduled phone call, our Home Energy Specialist asks the resident a series of questions about their home and reviews the photos provided with the customer. The phone call lasts around an hour. Based on the photos and phone conversation qualified residents will receive no-cost LED light bulbs, water saving fixtures, and programmable thermostats – all of which we’ll ship directly to residents. These measures alone offer an average lifetime savings of $3,000! If appropriate, the Home Energy Specialist may recommend subsidized insulation or a Heating & Cooling inspection. At a later date a HomeWorks Energy employee will complete a walk through visit if follow up measures are required. During this visit the specialist will perform a combustion safety test for the home heating system, ensuring the system works properly and is not releasing carbon monoxide into the home. The specialist can also check for other home hazards that might have been missed from the initial phone call and photo review. Asbestos, mold, and knob and tube wiring pose health and safety risks and each Home Energy Specialist is trained to identify these risks and others in every home.

The in-person visit also allows the specialist to provide a more accurate determination of a home’s insulation requirements. Insulation makes a significant impact on energy usage, and with Mass Save® covering 75% or more of the cost you’ll save even more!

To schedule an appointment and support a local business or organization check out our neighborhoods. Or call 781-305-3319 Ext. 2 today to speak with a representative.