HomeWorks Energy is excited to announce a series of blog posts entitled

Partnership of the Week to highlight sustainable local companies and nonprofits that we work closely with who share our vision of a cleaner, more sustainable Massachusetts. This week, HomeWorks is proud to spotlight RevoluSun!

RevoluSun is a solar company locally owned & operated out of Burlington, MA. The company is on a mission to energize homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and sustainable power. RevoluSun offers solar products that are both powerful and efficient. Their installation teams wire and install solar panels that come with a  25-year industry leading roof warranty. RevoluSun has been helping Massachusetts residents save money for over a decade now; their solar panels can handle anything from hurricane winds to cold Nor’easters.

HomeWorks Energy has partnered with RevoluSun to help reach more residents across the state make their home more energy efficient, save money, and minimize their carbon footprint. To calculate how much you can save from having solar panels installed RevoluSun has a helpful carbon calculator. At HomeWorks Energy we measure our success in slowing down climate change with metric tons of CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere, and now you can do the same with RevoluSun.

Here’s a helpful video from our solar partner on what makes solar panel installations by RevoluSun unique:

You don’t have to look very hard to find a RevoluSun customer eager to recommend their services. At HomeWorks Energy we feel pride when our customers have a solid experience and are satisfied with the improvements we make to their home. It’s vital that a company put its customers first and RevoluSun continues to exceed industry standards.

HomeWorks Energy is very excited to have RevoluSun as our very first Partnership of the Week. We look forward to a meaningful partnership as we both continue to strive for a better planet and a better home for our clients. Together, we think we can have an even bigger impact. Make your home more eco-friendly and start saving energy with RevoluSun and HomeWorks today!

To get in contact with RevoluSun click here or call 781-219-0719. And if you haven’t had a no-cost energy audit in the past 3 years, sign up for one with HomeWorks Energy here or call 781-305-3319.