HomeWorks recently launched a series of weekly blog posts to highlight local companies, nonprofits, and communities that it works closely with and who share its vision of a cleaner, more sustainable Massachusetts. This week, HomeWorks is proud to spotlight Green Newton!

Green Newton is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 aimed at creating sustainable solutions to environmental problems facing the city and the world. Its programs and advocacy build awareness about the climate crisis and encourages citizens to take personal and civic action to protect the environment.

The organization estimates that 59% of greenhouse gases produced in Newton are from households —  35% from home energy use, and 24% from passenger vehicles, according to its website.

In an effort to help residents reduce their home energy usage, Green Newton and HomeWorks work closely to encourage residents to take advantage of Mass Save no cost energy assessments. Together, the organizations have helped connect 56 Newton residents to no cost energy assessments. An average assessment helps save 11.1 metric tonnes of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere, which means through its efforts, Green Newton has helped prevent 69,877 gallons of gasoline from being consumed, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculation.

Green Newton has made an all-out effort to engage residents since the program announced a 100% off approved insulation incentive for customers who sign up for an assessment by the end of September. The organization was featured on a local TV station recently, where Green Newton President Marcia Cooper discussed the climate crisis and actionable steps individuals can take in order to reduce human impact.

In an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the group posts actionable measures on their website that give residents ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Recently, the group hosted a webinar titled “How to Cut your Heating Bill, Electric Bill, and Carbon Footprint to Zero.” A testimonial on their website describes why a Green Newton committee member chooses to drive an electric vehicle. It also encourages residents to choose a 100% renewable energy option, eat a more plant-based diet, and install a heat pump water heater.

According to the Take Action! Tool on the Green Newton website estimates the organization has engaged more than 4,360 households in its efforts. To learn more about Green Newton, participate, and reduce your carbon footprint visit their website. And if you haven’t had a no-cost energy audit in the past 3 years, sign up for one with HomeWorks Energy here or call 781-305-3319.