New England is a region known for its history and charm, but many Massachusetts homeowners find that this storied past has left them with an older home in need of improvements. Massachusetts residents who are interested in replacing their heating system or adding insulation into their home will be pleased to know that the Mass Save HEAT Loan can help.

What is the Mass Save HEAT Loan?

The Mass Save HEAT Loan is a financing option available to Massachusetts residents who are interested in upgrading their heating equipment or adding insulation to their homes to reduce energy loss. The goal of this program is to help make it easier for Massachusetts residents to make these important improvements, and to make energy-efficiency more accessible to all.

Those who qualify for the Mass Save HEAT Loan may be eligible for up to $25,000 in funding for specific types of home improvement projects. Massachusetts residents who receive this loan will find that the terms are favorable. You may have up to 7 years at 0 percent interest to pay back the loan in full.

What Types of Projects Can Your HEAT Loan Be Used For?

It’s important to note that the Mass Save HEAT Loan can only be used for qualified home improvement projects. Examples of home improvement projects that may qualify for the HEAT Loan include:

  • Heating System Replacement — Those who are living in an aging Massachusetts home may find that the time has come to replace their furnace or boiler that is currently heating the home. This can be a significant cost to the homeowner, but a Mass Save HEAT Loan can make it easier to take on this major home improvement project. In addition, homeowners may be able to upgrade to an energy-efficient heating system through the loan program as well.
  • Window Upgrades — Replacing windows is not always the first home improvement project that comes to mind when a homeowner is looking to save money on their utility costs. However, replacing or upgrading windows can have a significant impact on the energy-efficiency of the home. The Mass Save HEAT Loan may provide you with the money you need to tackle this significant project.
  • Added Insulation — Blown-in insulation in the attic and between the drywall of the home can prevent energy loss and also can help cut back on heating costs in the home. Blown-in insulation is a simple yet effective project, and the Mass Save HEAT Loan can make it possible for you to schedule it as soon as possible.
  • Water Heater Replacement — While it is possible to insulate the home water heater in order to improve the efficiency of the equipment, there often comes a time when the water heater needs to be replaced. Homeowners who know that the time has come will be pleased to know that this home improvement project may qualify for funding under the Mass Save HEAT Loan program.
  • Heat Pump Installation — Heat pumps are a versatile heating and cooling system that can improve the comfort of a home for an affordable price. In some cases, heat pump installation will be covered under the Mass Save HEAT Loan.

Interested in a HEAT Loan? Take These Next Steps

  • Schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.
  • Choose a qualified contractor. It’s important to note that HomeWorks Energy is a Mass Save partner. This means that our qualified team can perform your no-cost home energy assessment as well as perform the HVAC and insulation services that you need.
  • Secure the loan through a participating lender. Your lender will have an authorization form that you must fill out. If approved, you will receive a two-party check made payable to both you and your contractor.
  • Schedule the upgrades that you have chosen to make. You can pay your contractor by signing over the check provided to you by the lender.
  • Apply for any rebates that you are eligible for.
  • Schedule and complete the required verification inspection.

Heating and cooling your home does not have to cost you a fortune. If you choose to move forward with upgrading your heating system, HomeWorks Energy will assign you an Account Manager who will guide you through this process.

HomeWorks Energy can work with you to help you take advantage of all programs offered in the community to help you improve the efficiency of your home as well as reduce your utility costs.

For more information on the Mass Save HEAT Loan, schedule your no-cost home energy assessment with HomeWorks Energy today.