Founded in 2016, the Nonprofit Center of Berkshires (NPC) provides support for nearly 1000 nonprofits in the Berkshire region. Serving as a clearinghouse for information and resources, the NPC offers dozens of programs including workshops, publications, coaching, and volunteer fairs.  

Dealing with Uncertain Times

“This is a challenging time for nonprofits,” says Liana Toscanini, founder of the Nonprofit Center. “Revenue is down, program fees may be down or gone completely, and the way we do business has changed. There is so much uncertainty, it’s hard to forecast the path ahead.”

The NPC has expanded free and affordable assistance, including webinars, peer support groups, and pro bono consultants.  In addition to its annual Giving Back guide, it has also established a new website,, to facilitate county-wide volunteerism. 

Donation-Funded Services

Donations allow the Nonprofit Center to offer programs and services for free or at a low-cost. Many nonprofits take advantage of the services, including Construct and Berkshire Immigrant Center.

Construct, Inc. has been dedicated to the fight against homelessness and housing insecurity for over 50 years. Construct has provided homes to dozens of families in the southern Berkshires. Due to the pandemic, requests for rent assistance have quintupled.  It’s nonprofits like Construct that keep families afloat in these trying times, and they need support more than ever:

Berkshire Immigrant Center has been serving immigrants and refugees in the Berkshires for the past 25 years. They provide advice on the legal and social process of becoming an American citizen through classes, walk-in clinics, and helping immigrants and vulnerable refugees avoid predatory business practices. If you’d like to donate to the Berkshire Immigrant Center go to

For more information about these nonprofits, just click on the links provided.

Home Energy Assessments for a Cause

HomeWorks Energy has been primarily performing Virtual Home Energy Assessments to meet residential needs during this time. Home Energy Assessments are a great way to learn about how your home uses energy and find areas for improved energy efficiency.

Through our partnership with the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires, we are reaching residents in the Berkshires to spread the word about no-cost Home Energy Assessments and the many other benefits of the Mass Save program such as 75% or more off the total cost of approved insulation projects. As part of our partnership, HomeWorks will be donating to NPC Berkshires for every completed assessment.  

To support the amazing work of the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires and schedule a virtual home energy assessment, click on this link: