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HomeWorks Mission


Energy efficiency, simplified


Save More Than Energy

HomeWorks Energy is here to save you money, energy and time, so you can both be green and save green in the simplest way possible.


a vision for every homeowner

After discovering the long-awaited new addition on his home was using significantly more energy to heat than the rest of his house, HomeWorks Energy founder, Scott Veggeberg, was inspired to learn about how energy is consumed in homes. Wanting to help others understand their own home energy loss, Veggeberg established HomeWorks Energy Inc. in 2008.


What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A Home Energy Assessment is an analysis of your home’s energy consumption that doesn’t cost you anything. We’ll evaluate your house, take you through a report outlining areas of inefficiency, then explain our recommendations on how to make your home more efficient in the most affordable way.

How invasive is a Home Energy Assessment?

Short answer: Not very. We’ve seen many, many homes in our time and equip our Energy Specialists with tools to get around those challenging home obstacles. No worries if you are in the middle of moving, have kids, or your house is just a little messy. We’ll work around it.

What if I don't want to do any of the recommendations?

That’s not a problem at all. The energy assessment is 100% no obligation, so you can feel free to pick and choose which work you’d like to get done, or choose to have none done at all.

Do you do the work yourself?

Yes. We do all Home Energy Assessments, air sealing, HVAC, and insulation in-house. We also currently partner with industry-leading companies to offer solar and other additional services.

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