Save up to $600* a year on your Home Energy Bills Save Money, Energy and Time with a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

HomeWorks Energy proudly partners with Mass Save® to provide energy saving products and services.

When you schedule a Home Energy Assessment, we’ll assess your home and identify cost-effective energy improvements or replacement opportunities. We’ll walk you through our findings, layout the best values to save you the most money, and handle all Mass Save® program paperwork so we can make this process as simple as possible.

When you sign up for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment, you get:

  • Tips and suggested improvements on how you can save
  • No-cost Low Flow Showerheads and LED Light Bulbs
  • No-cost Programmable Thermostats
  • No-Cost Targeted Air Sealing 75% off (up to $2,000) the installation of approved insulation improvements 0% interest loan (up to $25,000) for eligible upgrades through the HEAT loan program

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