Have you heard about a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment? It’s one of the easiest ways to save money and energy year-round and it comes with a multitude of benefits. As a Mass Save partner, we get a lot of questions about the program and how to participate because it’s such a popular way to go green and save right from your home. Here are the questions that our energy team is most frequently asked about a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment and the answers you need to feel informed.

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

Sometimes called an energy “audit,” it’s a way to learn how your home consumes and loses energy. A home energy specialist will show you the areas in your home where you could be saving energy and give you a custom home energy report that details their findings. You will also get access to rebates and incentives like 0% financing, up to $2,750 in HVAC rebates, 100% off air sealing, 75%+ off insulation, no-cost items such as programmable thermostats, and more! Some typical questions that are answered at an assessment involve air leaks in your home, insulation concerns, efficiency issues regarding your heating and cooling equipment, and ways to save energy and water with no-cost items.

Are assessments virtual or in-person?

At HomeWorks Energy, we offer both virtual and in-person Home Energy Assessments to our neighbors. You get the same benefits and quality of service with either option.

What Covid-safe practices are in place?

The health and safety of our customers and employees is a priority for us at HomeWorks Energy. All employees follow social distancing guidelines, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment during the entire assessment, and limit the time in your home as much as possible. If you are sick, we offer easy rescheduling to limit the risk of exposure to our community. A virtual assessment is always available if that aligns better with your comfort level.

How does a virtual assessment work?

It’s simple. You just need to have a device to take pictures of your attic and a way to connect with your home energy specialist via the phone or video. You get complete instructions before your assessment so that both sides are prepared and ready to go when it’s time for your assessment.

How much does it cost?

There is never a cost for a Home Energy Assessment, virtually or in-person. The Mass Save program is funded through a charge on your monthly energy bill (take a look!) so participation in the program is of no additional cost to you. There’s no catch and no obligation.

How much time does an assessment take?

A virtual assessment takes approximately 60-90 minutes and an in-person assessment can take up to 3 hours. We work efficiently and we respect your time, but a thorough and complete experience is also important to us.

Can I just do an energy assessment on my own?

There are many instructional videos out there for a DIY energy assessment but we would not recommend doing it on your own. If you choose the DIY path, you will miss out on the rebates and incentives that come with the Mass Save program. You will also be missing the insight from someone who is trained to do this every day. The U.S, Department of Energy, the National Resources Defense Council, and more recommend having a professional complete the assessment. Check out our blog for more reasons why a DIY assessment isn’t the best option available.

Are the energy specialists experienced?

Absolutely. HomeWorks Energy has been around since 2008, working with our neighbors to help them reduce energy use, save money, and make Massachusetts a greener place to live and work. To date we have performed almost 140,000 Home Energy Assessments in Massachusetts and we’re proud to be the largest Home Performance Contractor in the state. Our home energy specialists are certified, trained, and experienced to ensure a quality and enjoyable experience.

What no-cost items do I get?

You can be eligible for programmable thermostats, advanced power strips, faucet aerators, and water-saving showerheads. These items are all available at no-cost to you. If you choose a virtual Home Energy Assessment, the items will be mailed straight to your door following your completed assessment. Once installed, these items allow you to save energy and money instantly.

How does an Assessment help me save money?

The more energy you use, the more you pay! It’s that simple. When you seal the leaks in your home, protect it with insulation, and make it more efficient all around, you will reduce the energy you use and decrease your monthly energy costs as a result. Just using an advanced power strip can save you $75 a year! Many of our neighbors are shocked at the difference energy efficiency makes on your wallet.

What’s the deal with the rebates?

You’ve probably heard about the great incentives offered by the sponsors of the Mass Save program. Once you complete a Home Energy Assessment, virtually or in-person, you can get access to up to $2,750 in heating and cooling equipment rebates to help cover the cost of a system upgrade. At HomeWorks Energy, we apply your rebates up front and we complete all the rebate paperwork for you so that it’s easy for you to save. There are also other incentives available like 100% off air sealing and 75% or more off approved insulation.

Is there 0% financing available?

You heard right! Once you sign up for and complete a Home Energy Assessment, you get access to the Mass Save HEAT Loan. We’re talking 0% financing for up to $25,000 for 7 years! This can be used for a variety of energy efficiency upgrades like heating and cooling equipment, new insulation, and more!

What happens after the Assessment?

After the assessment is completed, your home energy specialist will explain their recommendations and show you your custom home energy report. You also get your no-cost energy efficiency items and information about available rebates, incentives, and financing options. Any next steps are up to you; nothing is required! We’re always around to help when you’re ready to move forward with any upgrades.

Who is eligible to sign up?

You must be a renter, homeowner, landlord, or building owner in Massachusetts. Benefits differ if you live in a single-family home or a building with multiple units, but we will help you figure out if you’re qualified or not. At HomeWorks Energy, we cover the entire state so you don’t have to worry if your neighborhood is included or not.

What if I have already had a Home Energy Assessment before?

If you have had an assessment in the last 3 years, you will not be eligible to sign up today, but you can still take advantage of rebates, insulation discounts, and more, just call (781) 305-3319 for more information about moving forward with an energy efficiency project.

If I’m a landlord, is my building eligible?

Yes, there are many landlords who take advantage of the Mass Save program. If you have a building with 2-4 units, we can help you access increased incentives such as 100% off insulation. All units are required to complete an assessment to get the rebates and incentives, but that’s easy because we are able to complete every unit at the same assessment time. If your building has 5 or more units, click here for more information.

How does it work if I’m a renter?

If you are a renter in Massachusetts, you could be eligible for a Home Energy Assessment and get all of the no-cost items. To access the full line of incentives and rebates, you will need to give our information to your landlord. We do this kind of thing all of the time, so we are happy to facilitate that transfer.

If I’m a new homeowner, am I eligible?

In order to check eligibility, you need to have your utilities turned on, but you don’t need to be moved in all the way. We often work with new homeowners who have yet to get to know their home and are looking for ways to improve its energy efficiency and lower energy costs from day one.

What if I have a question before signing up?

You can always call us at (781) 305-3319 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about a Home Energy Assessment. We’re here to help!

How do I sign up?

It’s easy to sign up and see if you’re qualified. If you’re a Massachusetts homeowner, landlord, building owner, or renter, click here to schedule a Home Energy Assessment, virtually or in-person. If you prefer to schedule over the phone or if you have questions, call (781) 305-3319.