Homeowners and renters all over Massachusetts are benefitting from energy-efficient upgrades with goals to save money and energy year-round. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “$200-$400 could be going to waste from drafts, air leaks around openings, and outdated heating and cooling systems” every year for every unit you own.

The good news is that the sponsors of the Mass Save® program are offering landlords of 2-4 unit buildings 100% off air sealing and 100% off approved insulation to make it easier to improve energy efficiency. They are also giving building owners a custom building energy efficiency report and no-cost items for every unit like LED light bulbs and programmable thermostats.

There are many advantages of making your building energy-efficient that not only benefit your tenants but help you as a business owner make the most of your time and money.

Improve Sales

Renters and homeowners are recognizing the importance of energy efficiency more and more every day. The Mass Save program was built to cater to individuals who want to lower their carbon footprints, make a positive impact on the environment, and save energy and money all year long. When renters are looking for a place to call home, energy efficient perks are big selling points for building owners. When you can list energy efficiency in your listing on Zillow, it signifies low energy use, a green footprint, and a landlord who has similar goals as they do themselves. When you take advantage of what the sponsors of the Mass Save program have to offer, you can start showing off your energy efficiency in your listings and get the attention of potential renters.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

It’s always easier and cheaper to be proactive, rather than reactive. Landlords get all kinds of calls, from emergency situations to simple maintenance tasks, and the time spent on repair and maintenance calls add up and can cause inconvenience for your renters. Stop wasting time (and money!) on issues that can be prevented or solved with energy efficiency upgrades. When you update your building’s insulation and air sealing, get brand new no-cost energy-efficient items installed in all of your units, and upgrade your heating and cooling systems with generous Mass Save rebates, the risk of possible future issues decreases. It can decrease moisture control, prevent mold growth, and help to ensure a healthy air quality inside your units.

Make All Units More Comfortable

If you want to lessen complaints of hot units in the summer and cold units in the winter, energy efficiency is a great place to start, especially when some of the costs are covered by the sponsors of the Mass Save program. Reduce drafty rooms and inconsistent temperatures and better protect your tenants from the outdoor temps with upgraded insulation and air sealing. “Air leaks are among the greatest sources of energy loss in a home,” says the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and when you pair air sealing with insulation, you can ensure that you are smartly paying for the energy you use and that it stays inside your units, making them comfortable places to live all year.

Lower Monthly Energy Use

Wasting energy and money isn’t a good feeling. No one wants to pay for energy that’s just escaping through cracks, holes, and gaps year-round. Whether you pay for monthly energy use or your tenants do, lowering costs is important. If you absorb energy costs, upgrades in energy efficiency can help by reducing energy for your entire building, which will be reflected in your statements at the end of the month. If your tenants are responsible for the cost of energy, they will be happier with the decrease in costs and more likely to stay for another year. The no-cost items that you get with a Home Energy Assessment, like faucet aerators and energy-saving shower heads, can also save water use in all units, which means more money saved.

Understand Building Safety

Home safety checks are one of the lesser known benefits of a Home Energy Assessment, but one of the most important. When you sign up for a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment, a BPI-certified HomeWorks Energy specialist will do combustion safety testing to screen for carbon monoxide and other issues that could potentially harm your tenants or your building. You will receive a custom report of all results at the end of your Assessment so that you can be assured that when you’re not there, things are up-to-date and safe for all.

Lower Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that businesses impact our planet, which is why owners around the globe are making energy efficiency a bigger part of their company mission and a more integral part of their quarterly goals. Every action we take today affects tomorrow and every step in energy efficiency directs us to a greener and cleaner future for generations to come. If just 1 in 10 households bought energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, we would reduce yearly greenhouse gas emissions by 13 billion pounds! The U.S. DOE says that “switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.” There are many things that building owners can do at no-cost through the Mass Save program to make a positive impact on Massachusetts and beyond.

The good news is that you can accomplish all of these things with one simple step! Sign up for a no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessment to access your benefits and learn more about rebates, incentives, and no-cost items that help you reduce energy, save money, and be a better steward of the environment. We can do the whole building at once! The most popular benefits of a Home Energy Assessment include:

· 100% off air sealing

· 100% of approved insulation

· No-cost items: LED light bulbs, energy-saving shower heads, faucet aerators, advanced power strips, and programmable thermostats

· 0% financing on energy-efficient equipment (up to $25,000 for 7 years)

· Rebates up to $2,750 on HVAC upgrades

· Reduced energy costs and more comfortable units

· Lower carbon footprint and improved impact on the environment

When you schedule with HomeWorks Energy, you get a team of dedicated, experienced, and friendly home energy experts that can help you learn more about how your building consumes and loses energy and we’ll identify and show you opportunities where you can start saving immediately. Energy efficiency is affordable and achievable and we’re here to get you started whenever you’re ready! Together, we can make a difference.