When you live somewhere for a long time, you know where the creaks in the floor are and you recognize every sound your home makes. When life takes you somewhere else and you find yourself moving into a new home, you start from scratch and you spend the next few months (and years) getting to know this new space you’ll be calling home. It’s crucial to figure out and understand how the homeowners before you took care of your new home and what you can do to make it more energy-efficient. Here are some tips to help you save energy and money before you even get completely settled in.

Get a Home Energy Assessment

A no-cost Home Energy Assessment is great for all types of renters and homeowners, but it can be especially useful for an individual who is moving into a new home. It’s no cost and it’s a helpful way to get to know your new home and learn how it consumes and loses energy. No matter what season it is when you purchase your new house or sign your new lease, it’s a beneficial way to start your energy efficiency journey. You will receive a custom home energy report and recommendations regarding how to best update your home to save you money. This is something you can do before or after the moving trucks arrive; you just have to have your utilities set up!

Take Notes About Your Home

Another way to familiarize yourself with your home, before or after a Home Energy Assessment, is to be aware and notice the quirks of your new space. Pay attention to drafty spots or rooms that seem to be more uncomfortable than others. Figure out which windows you should leave covered at night and which curtains you should open during the day to heat your home naturally. Give yourself a few months to become knowledgeable about the place you just moved into and jot down anything you think is important. Studying your energy bills over the first months is also an important step to understanding your home’s typical energy consumption.

Install Energy-Efficient Items

If you left all of your LED light bulbs at your previous home or your power strips got lost along the move, the good news is that you can get them at no-cost for your new home! That’s right; one of the perks of a no-cost Home Energy Assessment is that you get items that will save you energy and money such as LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, programmable thermostats, water-saving shower heads, and faucet aerators. These items will save you energy and money instantly, and they’re no-cost for you. These are things you can have installed before or after you finish unpacking all of those boxes!

Consider Installing a Ductless Mini-Split System

There are many reasons why DMS systems are helpful for saving energy and money and you just might find that they’re a good fit for your new space. Whether you have non-ducted heating, there’s an addition that isn’t as comfortable as the rest of the house, or you’re considering doing a renovation, a ductless mini-split system can solve a multitude of needs. While this may not be a decision that you can make the first night in your new home, while you get to know how it consumes energy, you may quickly realize that it’s a good step toward saving money and energy and making your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Learn About Your HVAC System

Whether you’re reading the seller’s disclosure or looking for stickers on your HVAC system to find the last time it was serviced, it’s crucial to understand your heating and cooling system and get as much information as possible about previous repairs and maintenance. It’s beneficial to get a free, no obligation HVAC Consultation so that you can get a clear picture of your system’s health and understand what you can do so that it performs at its peak for you and your family. If a repair is needed or if it hasn’t received preventative maintenance in a long time, it could be wasting energy and money every day.

Moving into a new home is exciting but it can come with a big to-do list and some long hours. Prioritizing energy efficiency from day one will help you save energy and money instantly and get your home updated to your standards. Call (781) 417-5779 or sign up here for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment and get no-cost items and generous rebates like 100% off air sealing and 75% off insulation.

At HomeWorks Energy, we enjoy helping new homeowners and renters make their space energy efficient. Don’t worry about the boxes; just get your utilities set up and then our home energy experts will be ready when you are!