Have you heard that the sponsors of the Mass Save® program are offering 100% off home air sealing to Massachusetts residents?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says that “reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.”

So, what exactly is air sealing? Here are some things that every homeowner should know about saving energy and money with upgraded air sealing – and how to access it at no cost!

What is air sealing?

First, we should probably discuss what air leakage is. When air enters and leaves your house uncontrollably through gaps and cracks, that is air leakage, and it can occur all year long. We’re talking about the drafts you feel from windows and doors, but also less noticeable leaks through places like recessed lights and outlets. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), “if you add up all the small holes in a typical home, they would be equivalent to having one window open all the time.”

This is where air sealing is helpful. By sealing the gaps, cracks, and holes in your home, you reduce the amount of air coming and going which makes your home more energy efficient every day.

Air sealing improvements are recommended by the U.S. DOE

The U.S. DOE recommends “hiring an energy assessor or other weatherization expert to test your home for air tightness.” While there will be clear places where air is leaking, there will be other less obvious areas where air is unnoticeably entering and leaving your home.

Our experts at HomeWorks Energy can perform a Blower Door Test to figure out how much air is going in and out of your home. By using a powerful fan to pull air out of the house (and lowering the air pressure inside), the higher outside air pressure then flows through the unsealed areas of your home. This allows us to quantify the amount of air leakage before and after upgraded air sealing.

Air sealing is customized to your home

Air sealing is not a one-size-fits-all approach to savings. Every home is different which is why you will have air sealing needs that are unique to your neighbors’ energy challenges. Your problem spot might be in the basement, while your neighbor could have issues in their attic. At HomeWorks, we can assess your home and you can get weather stripping for your doors, caulking around windows, duct sealing, and more, depending on where your leaks are in your home.

You get a return on your investment quickly

The U.S. DOE says that simple fixes like caulking and weather stripping give you a quick return on your investment, often in one year or less, because of the energy saved. The best part for Massachusetts residents is that you won’t pay for air sealing in the first place. Through the Mass Save program, you get air sealing at no cost and you can just watch the savings roll in throughout the year without putting down an investment upfront.

You save on heating and cooling costs year-round

When your conditioned air isn’t leaving your home, it’s easier for your HVAC system to operate and give you consistent whole-home comfort at a price that makes sense. According to the NRDC, a household can save an average of 15% on annual heating and cooling costs with fixes like adding weatherstripping on doors or caulking around windows. Did you know that “heating your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home – typically making up about 29% of your utility bill?” When your home is appropriately sealed, it will help to ensure that you are heating (and cooling) your home in the most efficient way possible – which means no wasted money or energy!

Air sealing helps to control moisture

The U.S. DOE says that moisture moves in and out of your home in a variety of ways but “air movement accounts for more than 98% of all water vapor movement in building cavities.” Upgrading your home’s air sealing is a very effective way to control the moisture in your home and prevent damage to your attic, foundation, walls, and more. It also helps improve air quality as it reduces the amount of humidity, dust, pollen, and various pests that attempt to enter your home.

You can enjoy improved home comfort

You’ve probably experienced a cold draft or cold spots in your home during the winter season. Even the best HVAC equipment will struggle to provide consistent comfort when your home is not sealed properly. There are many ways that HomeWorks Energy can help make your home more comfortable such as upgraded insulation or a new heating or cooling system, but without air sealing, your home won’t be as efficient as it could be. Air sealing helps to improve home comfort by also supporting other home energy efficiency improvements.

Access 100% off air sealing here through a no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

You won’t pay anything at the time of the assessment and it’s the only thing you have to do to access air sealing at no cost. Whether you need upgraded air sealing or need to update your HVAC system, our specialists at HomeWorks Energy are happy to make your home more energy efficient so that you can save energy and money year-round – and make our community a greener and cleaner place to live. How can we help? Call us at (781) 305-3319 with any questions.