A no-cost, no obligation Heating & Cooling Consultation is a great way to learn about the replacement of your home’s furnace, boiler, central air conditioner, or ductless system. Here are some of the questions that we are most frequently asked.

What happens during a consultation?

We listen to the issues you’re experiencing and give you the best solutions to your home heating and cooling problems. It’s an individualized experience and at the end of the consultation, you have lots of information in your hands from the best energy efficiency company around. If you’re interested in ductless solutions for your home, this is a great place to start. You can learn more about placement of units and a get a quote before we walk out the door.

Why should I get a consultation?

If you’re thinking of replacing your heating or cooling system, we can come out and tell you about the best options for the size of your home. It’s great for getting clear answers about what replacement would look like and what the cost would be for your specific home. We can also apply available rebates and financing to your custom quote so that you know exactly what to expect.

How much time does it take?

A Heating & Cooling Consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. We respect your time and work efficiently as possible, but complete and thorough information is also important to us.

How much does it cost?

The Heating & Cooling Consultation is no-cost and no obligation; there’s no catch! We are proud to offer this service so that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home and your family. There is no payment before or after the consultation and we don’t require a credit card hold for the appointment slot.

Is it both heating and cooling?

We have experience with both heating and cooling systems, so it’s up to you where we start. Our quotes are customized so that you get exactly the information you need.

Are all system brands included?

We have experience with many major brands and understand which boilers, furnaces, central air conditioners, and ductless systems make the right fit for different types of homes. We understand that every home is different and that you will probably have different heating and cooling problems than your neighbor does, which is why our approach is always tailored.

What are the next steps?

The next steps are up to you! You will get the best replacement options and you will decide how you would like to move forward. We’re a one-stop-energy-efficiency-shop which means we can schedule any work quickly and easily.

Are there HVAC rebates available?

Yes! Whether you are looking to replace your heating or cooling system, we can help you access Mass Save® rebates (up to $2,750) to help cover the cost. You will also receive information about 0% financing options.

What if I’m not ready for a replacement yet?

There is never any cost for the consultation. If you’re not ready to replace your system yet, just call us when you’re ready.

Why should I choose HomeWorks Energy?

HomeWorks Energy is a trusted Mass Save® partner, helping Massachusetts neighbors all over the state save energy and money at home. We’re proud to be the largest Home Performance Contractor in Massachusetts, leading the region in energy efficiency. We’ll work to understand and solve your unique energy challenges and we’ll treat your home like it’s our own. It’s our goal to make energy-efficiency easy, affordable, and achievable for you. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Is an assessment the same thing?

A no-cost Home Energy Assessment is different than a no-cost Heating & Cooling Consultation. For more information about a Mass Save® assessment, click here. If you have further questions, call (781) 305-3319.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy; you can call (781) 305-3319 to sign up over the phone or schedule online here.