Did you know? Massachusetts consistently ranks as #1 in the country for home energy efficiency.* Mass Save is a program designed to promote energy-saving awareness. The program is sponsored by Massachusetts energy providers such as National Grid and Eversource, and they work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to promote energy efficiency. HomeWorks Energy works directly with Mass Save and delivers the many Mass Save Incentives. The program allows HomeWorks Energy to offer generous rebates on our work and various no-cost benefits to those who qualify which means instant savings for you, the homeowner.


As the largest Certified Mass Save Home Performance Contractors, we conduct many no-cost home energy assessments, install energy-efficient heating, cooling and water heating systems as well as home insulation. For an assessment, one of our highly-trained energy specialists will come to your home and determine how well your home’s energy is utilized. They can find out how much energy is wasted and identify areas of potential energy loss, such as inadequate insulation and outdated heating and cooling systems. The specialist will also check for safety risks like high CO levels, gas leaks, mold and flammability dangers as part of every assessment. Once the assessment is completed, the specialist will provide you a full report detailing any energy efficiency recommendations we find. This way you can be informed on the status of your homes and allows you to pick and choose which energy efficiency upgrades you’d like to install.


Through the Mass Save Program, HomeWorks Energy provides numerous no-cost benefits to Massachusetts homeowners through a home energy assessment. Check them out!

ENERGY STAR® LED light bulbs. 

During every assessment, our specialists arrive prepared to replace all of your old bulbs with new energy-efficient LEDs at no cost to you! LED bulbs consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs (up to 80%) and they last 10 times longer. LED bulbs also produce notably less heat than traditional bulbs which makes them a great choice for applications such as task lighting and the illumination of heat-sensitive objects such as artwork or objects that can be damaged by heat.

Targeted air sealing.

Drafts are a major source of energy loss. They let the air that you spent money heating or cooling on outside, and the outside air in. This means you’re using energy and spending money cooling or heating the air outside your house! During your home energy assessment, an energy specialist will conduct a blower door test to find exactly where the air is leaking out of your home. Air sealing fills the various gaps, cracks, and crevices that let the air out, saving most homeowners 5%-20% on their energy bill.

Programmable thermostat.

Over half of a typical energy bill is spent on heating and cooling – programmable thermostats can help to reduce that figure by adjusting the temperature of your home throughout the day, according to your schedule. Our specialists have the latest thermostats to help you pay less to keep your home comfortable!

Low-flow shower fixtures & faucet aerators.

Low-flow shower fixtures can decrease water consumption of your shower by up to 40% compared to traditional fixtures. Low-flow faucet aerators control the stream of your sink, serve as a filter for debris. Our specialists can immediately help reduce your water consumption through these simple installs.

Rebates & up to 75% off insulation installs.

On qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment you can receive generous rebates of up to $3,250. Also, proper insulation can mean the difference between running your heating or air conditioning flat-out all the time, and running it moderately. Don’t pay to heat the outdoors!


In addition to the money and energy you will save, a no-cost home energy assessment will help save the environment by reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Last year, HomeWorks Energy helped homeowners save 17 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 through assessments! That means each home that received an assessment conserved enough energy to power an entire home for one year! If you don’t think that’s a lot, imagine if you and all of your family, friends, and neighbors took advantage of the Mass Save Program?


Signing up is easy! You can start saving money, energy, and the planet easily. Take the first step by scheduling an assessment and we will get you set up for a no-cost home energy assessment through the Mass Save Program. If you qualify, we can schedule an energy assessment at your convenience. Through these assessments, you gain access to many incentives, rebates, and discounts offered through the Mass Save Program.

What’s Included:

  • No-cost high-efficiency lightbulb replacements. We’ll install them throughout your home.
  • Energy use evaluation and infrared report of any trouble areas.
  • Safety check for mold, CO levels, and gas leaks
  • No-cost energy-efficient showerheads and programmable thermostats.
  • A custom energy efficiency report and action plan, including recommendations for insulation improvements.