Mass Save is a collaborative effort of the utility and electric companies in Massachusetts that aims to provide consumers with opportunities to save money while subsequently reducing their energy usage. The Mass Save program primarily encourages residents throughout the state to book a no-cost home energy assessment in order to learn more about how they can improve the energy efficiency of their homes while reducing their energy costs.

However, there are several rebates that residents may be eligible for prior to scheduling a no-cost home energy assessment. These are the appliance rebates that you may be able to get through the Mass Save program:

Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers were once a modern-day convenience, but now they are a basic necessity in most homes. Massachusetts homeowners rely on their clothes dryers in order to get their laundry done as quickly and effectively as possible. Unfortunately, some clothes dryers use a lot more energy to get the job done. These outdated units can take longer to dry the clothes, and simultaneously use energy less efficiently while running. Homeowners who upgrade to a new electric clothes dryer may be eligible for a $50 rebate through Mass Save. Their new unit will use up to 20 percent less energy than their old model, without compromising when it comes to performance.

Room Air Cleaners

A room air cleaner is an indoor appliance that is used in small, confined spaces in order to purify the air. These electrical appliances are sometimes called room air purifiers, and they work to remove dust and other small particles from the air that is being recirculated throughout the room. Some people report that these appliances even help to remove foul odors from the air, allowing people to feel clean and comfortable indoors. Through Mass Save, residents in Massachusetts may be eligible for a $40 rebate on room air cleaners when they purchase a model that is Energy Star certified.


A dehumidifier is another indoor appliance that is used in smaller spaces inside the home. Typically, a person will purchase and use a dehumidifier if there is excess moisture in a particular room, such as a basement, an office, or a bedroom. Dehumidifiers are very effective, but older models can use a lot of energy in order to get the results that the individual needs. Homeowners in Massachusetts who want to upgrade to a new model that is Energy Star certified may be eligible for a $30 rebate through Mass Save. In addition to saving money on the unit itself, homeowners also will save money on their energy costs in the future.

Room Air Conditioners

Whether a house does not have central air conditioning or a homeowner needs an extra unit in order to keep a room comfortable, room air conditioners can be a useful home appliance. However, they also can use a lot of energy, resulting in a significant increase to a person’s utility bills. Residents who purchase an Energy Star certified room air conditioner for their home may be eligible for a $40 rebate through Mass Save, allowing them to get an upgraded unit for a better price.

These rebates are a great place to start, but through a no-cost home energy assessment, you can uncover additional rebates and savings opportunities.

What Rebates are Available After No-Cost Home Energy Assessment? When you schedule your no-cost home energy assessment with a qualified contractor, like HomeWorks Energy, you can find out if you are eligible for additional rebates. Some of those may include:

  • A $150 rebate on a new clothes washer.
  • Discounted pricing on smart thermostats, such as the HomeWorks REAX smart thermostat system.
  • Rebates on upgrades to your home’s heating and cooling system. These rebates will vary based on your home and the upgrades that you are considering. At HomeWorks Energy, an experienced HVAC contractor will provide you with valuable information about which rebates you would be eligible for during your no-cost HVAC consultation appointment.

There are many appliance rebates available to you, which can help you find affordable solutions to create a home that is more energy-efficient. Now is the best time to contact HomeWorks Energy to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.