Together We Can Reduce Emissions in Malden

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The City is working to help Malden residents reduce energy use, make their homes more comfortable, and save money on monthly energy costs.

The City has partnered with HomeWorks Energy, a Mass Save® partner, to make Malden homes more efficient, starting with a no-cost assessment.

During your assessment, a Home Energy Specialist will review your home’s energy performance, including its insulation levels. Once your assessment is complete, you’ll receive a personalized report that pinpoints ways you can save money and energy.

Benefits of an assessment include a no-cost custom home energy report, 100% off sealing air leaks in your home, 75-100% off new insulation, up to $15,000 in heat pump rebates, opportunities for 0% financing, and no-cost energy-saving items such as programmable thermostats and water-saving devices.

Join your neighbors and schedule your assessment now! Together, we can make Malden sustainable and resilient, while enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency in our homes.

"I urge you to schedule a Mass Save energy assessment at your earliest convenience. Mass Save upgrades are one of the fastest and most impactful ways to reduce your energy usage."

What to Expect from a Home Energy Assessment

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We’ll work with your utility provider to get approval for the Home Energy Assessment. If we need more information from you for the approval, we’ll call you within 24 hours.


Your Home Energy Specialist will be at your home at your scheduled time and will begin your Assessment. The assessment typically takes between 2-3 hours.

You will learn how your home consumes and loses energy and you’ll receive a custom home energy report, along with other recommendations to save like insulation or air sealing upgrades.

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You get access to all eligible benefits like 75-100% off insulation, 100% off air sealing, 0% financing, up to $16,000 in heat pump rebates, and no-cost items.

Do You Qualify?

You must live in Massachusetts and be a customer of National Grid or Eversource.

You can only have an assessment once every two years.

You must live in a single-family home or building with 4 units or less.

If you are on fuel assistance or a discount utility rate, call 1-866-527-7283 to start saving.

Get Financial Assistance to Pay Your Utility Bills or Rehab Your Home

Income-eligible Malden residents may qualify for help paying for fuel and electricity costs, including a discounted rate on electricity and gas through National Grid’s discount rate program.

More than 2,500 Malden families receive the discounted rate, but we estimate that another 10,000 Malden families are eligible.

For more information and to see if you qualify, email housingstability@cityofmalden.org or call (781) 397-7000 ext. 5721.

Services include eviction and foreclosure prevention and help catching up on energy bills.

Malden’s Housing Rehab Program provides financial assistance to improve housing occupied by income-eligible residents.

The program addresses housing problems including structural, roofing, heating, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, lead paint, mold, asbestos, health or building code violations, and “trip and fall” hazards such as defective floor coverings.

For a full list of services or to see if you qualify, email Danny Aguiar at daguiar@cityofmalden.org or call (781) 324-5720 ext. 5729.

Participate in Malden’s Climate Action Plan

Malden’s Climate Action Plan will identify concrete steps Malden can take to be a more sustainable community. Over the next few months, the City will be looking for Malden residents to speak up about how they’re experiencing climate change and what the City can do to help. You can participate and stay updated on the plan here.

To learn about additional Mass Save incentives like energy assessments for small businesses and multi-family (5+ unit) buildings as well as rebates for high-efficiency heating and cooling system upgrades, including heat pumps, visit masssave.com/malden.

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