Introducing the Gloucester Energy Challenge

As a first leap into accomplishing the City of Gloucester’s goals, the City is partnering with the Sponsors of Mass Save® and HomeWorks Energy to address one of the largest sources of emissions – our homes. 

About 32% of the city’s emissions comes from residential buildings which is why we are calling on Gloucester residents to help make our City’s future greener. The Gloucester Energy Challenge encourages home energy efficiency upgrades such as weatherization and heat pumps, helping you lower your energy costs and reduce our community’s carbon footprint.

 Learn more about our Climate Action and Resilience Plan.

We Are Community First Partners

The City of Gloucester was selected to participate in the 2022-2024 Mass Save Community First Partnership (CFP) program. Through this program, we are able to increase energy efficiency outreach in the community, expanding access to generous incentives offered by the Mass Save Sponsors and helping neighbors make their homes more comfortable year-round.

Energy Reduction Goals & Progress

Working alongside Mass Save partner, HomeWorks Energy, our goal is to insulate more than 200 homes and upgrade more than 200 HVAC systems across Gloucester, reducing energy costs and emissions in our community.

Insulation Upgrades
HVAC Upgrades

Join the Gloucester Energy Challenge

To join your community and participate in the Energy Challenge, sign up for a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. The Mass Save program is funded through a charge on your monthly National Grid bill, so participation in the assessment is no cost to you.

During your assessment, a Specialist from HomeWorks Energy will show you how your home uses energy and recommend ways for you to save money year-round. You will receive a custom energy report and gain access to the benefits listed below.

If you’ve already had an assessment, you can still participate in the Energy Challenge! When you move forward with your energy efficiency recommendations from your assessment, you’ll experience year-round savings, plus be a part of reducing our community’s emissions.

Get Access to Incentives from the Sponsors of Mass Save®

HomeWorks Energy is a Mass Save® partner, which means that you get access to special incentives such as:

What to Expect from a Home Energy Assessment

Customer service assistant working in office

We’ll work with your utility provider to get approval for the Home Energy Assessment. If we need more information from you for the approval, we’ll call you within 24 hours.


Your Home Energy Specialist will be at your home at your scheduled time and will begin your Assessment. The assessment typically takes between 2-3 hours.

You will learn how your home consumes and loses energy and you’ll receive a custom home energy report, along with other recommendations to save like insulation or air sealing upgrades.

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You get access to all eligible benefits like 75-100% off insulation, 100% off air sealing, 0% financing, up to $16,000 in heat pump rebates, and no-cost items.

Do You Qualify?

Building with 5+ Units & Small Businesses

Do you live in a building with 5+ units or need a small business assessment? 

Call (351) 529-6372 to start the process. If you want to speak with a city official, call (978) 325-5235.

Click here to sign up online.

Discount Utility Rate or Fuel Assistance

If you qualify for the income eligible program, you could receive additional benefits through Action Inc.

Call (351) 529-6372 to request a call from Action Inc. If you want to speak with a city official, call (978) 325-5235.

Use the form here to sign up online.

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