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Reduce Energy Usage and Save Money

The Town of Arlington is committed to a goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. In our community, 62% of GHG emissions come from buildings, and 80% from residents. 

In 2022, the Town and community partners launched the Electrify Arlington campaign, which helps residents reduce GHG emissions from their homes.

Arlington is participating in the Mass Save® Community First Partnership, sponsored locally by Eversource and National Grid, to increase participation in energy efficiency programs.

The Town has also partnered with HomeWorks Energy, a longtime Mass Save partner, to help residents make their homes more energy efficient – which can save money and increase comfort too.

The first step is a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. During this assessment, a Home Energy Specialist will review your home’s energy performance and show you how to save money and energy year-round. You’ll also learn about relevant Mass Save rebates and other financial incentives.

If you have already received an energy assessment in the last two years, you can still benefit from the new state and federal financial incentives for heat pumps and other energy efficient technologies.

HomeWorks Energy has already performed 141 assessments in Arlington this year and has helped many residents improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Join us to make your community more sustainable and enjoy the benefits of a greener home!

Energy Reduction Goals

Over the next year, Arlington aims to facilitate 80 insulation upgrades, 100 heating/cooling heat pump installs, and a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Insulation Upgrades
Heating/Cooling Heat Pump Installs
CO2 Reduction by 2050
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What to Expect from a Home Energy Assessment

A Home Energy Specialist will examine your home, including its insulation levels, and explain how you can save energy and money year-round.

Benefits of an assessment include a no-cost home energy report, no-cost sealing of air leaks, 75-100% off new insulation, up to $16,000 in heat pump rebates, 0% financing, and no-cost energy-saving items such as programmable thermostats and water-saving devices. Lower income households are also eligible for additional benefits, such as up to 100% off the cost of a heat pump or a new refrigerator and assistance with removing knob and tube wiring.

Customer service assistant working in office

HomeWorks will work with your utility provider to get approval for the Home Energy Assessment. If we need more information from you for the approval, we’ll call you within 24 hours.


Your Home Energy Specialist will be at your home at your scheduled time and will begin your Assessment. The assessment typically takes between 2-3 hours.

You will learn how your home consumes and loses energy and you’ll receive a custom home energy report, along with other recommendations to save like insulation or air sealing upgrades.

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You’ll get access to all eligible benefits listed above, and we’ll walk you through every step of the process, including filling out any paperwork you may need. You’ll get your no-cost items installed on the spot.

Do You Qualify?

You must live in Massachusetts and be a customer of National Grid or Eversource.

You can only have an assessment once every two years.

You must live in a single-family home or building with 4 or fewer units.

If you are on fuel assistance or a discount utility rate, or earn less than $56,548 for an individual or $108,748 for a 4-person household, ask about additional eligible benefits for your home.

What Is Electrify Arlington?

Electrify Arlington is a community initiative to help residents save energy and reduce GHG emissions in our community. We help homeowners, renters, landlords, and small businesses learn about weatherization, heating/cooling heat pumps, and other energy efficient technologies, including how to purchase 100% renewable electricity. Learn more at https://www.arlingtonma.gov/i-want-to/go-green/electrify-arlington.

I’m interested in heat pumps!

How can I learn more?

Interested in heat pumps or getting your home off fossil fuels? Want help or don’t know where to start? Want to learn about state and federal rebates and tax credits? Fill out this form to get connected to an Electrify Arlington Volunteer Coach today! Coaches are Arlington residents who have received training to support you as you consider heat pumps for your home.

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