Did you feel that draft? Did you hear the wind whistle between the floor and the door? Another month of high energy costs that throw off your budget? Sounds like a problem with home energy-efficiency!

A lack of home energy-efficiency is the 1 thing you shouldn’t ignore about your home. You don’t have to have a smart home or a new home to live in an energy-efficient space. All too often, homeowners and renters ignore that their home isn’t performing like it should because they don’t pick up on the signs, think they can’t afford the upgrades, they feel like it won’t make any difference, or they don’t know how to get started.

The sponsors of the Mass Save® program are here to bust all of those myths. They make it easy to understand how your home consumes and loses energy and it’s affordable to make necessary upgrades through no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessments, no-cost energy-efficient items, and incentives like 100% off air sealing and 75-100% off insulation. It’s a simple way to get started and you’ll start feeling the difference in no time.

If there is one thing you should pay attention to, it’s the energy efficiency of your home and here’s why.

Wasted Money

Who likes wasting money? High energy costs might be your first and most obvious sign that energy is slipping out through your doors and windows. The worst part is that you’re paying for the energy you use, whether it escapes or not. With every day that goes by, more money goes down the drain that could go toward something more important. Home energy efficiency upgrades have proven to save renters and homeowners money on their monthly costs and reduce the weight of keeping your family comfortable in extreme temperatures. It’s about lowering your energy costs without sacrificing comfort; in fact, you’ll probably improve it!

Safety Risks

When you don’t give your home the attention that it needs, it can compromise your health and safety. Home energy-efficiency issues such as poor insulation and inadequate air sealing can greatly affect air quality, which can be dangerous for individuals with weakened immune systems, breathing struggles, or allergies. Also, your heating and cooling systems will be working overtime to try and support an incontrollable temperature which can lead to breakdowns and other risky system issues. At a no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessment, energy experts will do safety checks on your home and show you how you can make your home a safe place to be. HomeWorks Energy also has preventative maintenance plans available that check your system so that you can avoid surprise (and costly!) repairs.

High Carbon Footprint

Protecting our environment for today and tomorrow starts at home with simple habit changes. When you waste energy, you are consuming more energy than you should or need to. From the way you do laundry to the way you brush your teeth, there are lots of ways you can be a better steward of our environment. The sponsors of the Mass Save program offer items like faucet aerators, programmable thermostats, LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, and low-flow showerheads at no-cost to Massachusetts residents to help them make a difference starting at home. When you avoid facing the energy efficiency issues that your home has, your carbon emissions are likely high. Curious about your carbon footprint? Calculate it here.

Subpar Home Comfort

Do you have rooms in your home that are notoriously hot or cold? What about inconsistent temperatures that you can never count on? Those issues don’t just come with an old home. Less than optimal home comfort is not something to settle for; it’s something that you can change with energy efficiency upgrades such as insulation, air sealing, or heating and cooling system fixes. Your home is meant to protect you and provide you comfort. With special incentives for eligible Massachusetts renters and homeowners, you can get 100% off air sealing and 75-100% off insulation which will help you tackle your comfort problems through energy-efficiency.

System Harm

Energy efficiency issues that are brushed under the rug can hurt your heating and cooling system which can lead to safety issues, costly repairs, and underperformance. If you think that your heating and cooling systems are not doing their job like they should, they actually may be struggling due to overperformance. Don’t make your HVAC work so hard and instead, make energy efficiency upgrades to protect your investment, extend the life of your system, and lessen the load so that it can operate at peak performance. If you have questions about your system, contact HomeWorks Energy at (781) 417-5779 and our energy experts will help you figure out your energy efficiency concerns.

Home Damage

Your home is important and many renters and homeowners feel a certain attachment to their place of refuge. If you pride yourself on taking good care of your home, it’s important that you don’t skip the energy-efficiency part! Proper insulation and air sealing prevent ice dams from forming which will preserve the life of your roof, in addition to mold growth prevention. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “air leakage contributes to moisture problems that can affect occupants’ health and the structure’s durability.”

Don’t go another day ignoring home energy-efficiency issues! Call HomeWorks Energy at (781) 417-5779 or go here to schedule a Home Energy Assessment at no-cost to you! Our team of certified home energy experts will show you how your home consumes energy, point out trouble spots, and offer solutions such as no-cost air sealing! See what your neighbors are talking about and sign up now!