There’s a lot more to it than lightbulbs.

By Michael Kearney

Would you like to reduce your home heating bills and improve the comfort of your home?  Then you should schedule a home energy assessment with HomeWorks Energy.  One of our home energy specialists can help identify the different parts of your home’s “thermal boundary” that can be improved upon, so the air inside your home, which you pay to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, stays in your home where it belongs.

During our assessments, we investigate the areas of your home that you may not think much about when it comes to making your home comfortable, such as the attic, crawl spaces, exterior walls, and basements.  Our auditors love crawling into small dark spaces and are always focused on the most efficient ways to save you money!  Here in New England, we have a lot of older homes that have ‘great bones’, but one thing that these homes are significantly lacking is the efficiency of heating and cooling living spaces.

The goal of a home energy assessment is to reduce your energy bill as much as possible by making your home as efficient as possible.  When our specialists first arrive, have your electric bills and heating fuel bills available so that we can take a look at the usage history of your home.  Reviewing your bills is a great way for us to first identify how much energy you consume on a yearly basis through all the seasons, and how we might be able to reduce usage.

Benefits of Home Energy Assessments

  • Take advantage of the Mass Save program for insulation at 75% -100% off
  • Energy-saving devices will be installed on the spot at no cost! (LED bulbs, efficient showerheads, advanced power strips, and even programmable thermostats)
  • Combustion safety testing for your gas or oil-fired furnace and hot water systems
  • Information on the Mass Save HEAT loan up to $25,000 interest-free for 7 years
  • Identify energy-efficient appliances that can reduce usage instead of your current inefficient systems

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that they are paying into the Mass Save program through their electric bill each month. Take a look at your latest electric bill, you’ll see a charge that says “Energy Efficiency.” This charge funds your no-cost energy assessment. So, you might as well take advantage of the program so that you’ll have information on ways to improve your home.

Our Home Energy Specialist will test your heating and hot water system to ensure it’s running safely and efficiently.

During our assessments, we’ll also point out electrical appliances that have large energy draws, and we make recommendations for either replacing them or discontinuing use altogether to help save you money!

At the end of our visit, we will have a list of recommendations of how we think your home can be improved as a system so that it works more efficiently and so that you can be more comfortable in your own home.  Schedule your no-cost home energy assessment online today!