“A child who reads becomes an adult who thinks.”

HomeWorks Energy is partnering with Children Across America (CAA), a non-profit organization that works with underserved children throughout the Blackstone Valley community.

CAA was founded with the goal of providing educational and health support to children in need. Hand in hand with these goals, CAA also works to encourage healthy environmental practices with their students as they strive to create a better, more sustainable world for everyone.

Every year, CAA helps more than 400 underserved students in grades K-5 meet educational goals by addressing their unique needs. Students have access to hot meals, healthcare, and dentists to ensure that their health and wellbeing are cared for so that they can focus on education and personal growth.

CAA places a strong emphasis on reading and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), with an understanding that these are essential skills for students as they move ahead in life. Through free educational programming, CAA students become equipped with the skills they need to grow and excel.

CAA’s founder and executive director, Ray Fellows, believes in the bridge between sustainability and education. This takes many forms, such as ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ conserving energy, reducing pollution, and expanding access to clean energy sources such as solar and wind.

Each summer, students help to grow their own vegetables alongside staff members. Over the years, students have grown organic tomatoes, basil, squash, and most recently, carrots. At the end of the season, all students get to enjoy the food they’ve grown and they’ve even helped organize a group pasta party with tomato sauce made from their homegrown vegetables.

Ray envisions a future where sustainability and green energy are commonplace and ingrained in day-to-day life. In time, CAA plans to build their own net-zero facility to run their programs, acting as an environmentally-friendly headquarters to nurture America’s youth. CAA is also working to open offices in Worcester, Framingham, and California. Someday, CAA envisions having programs available across the entire country to support America’s children and families.

HomeWorks Energy (HWE) is proud to partner with Children Across America and support their mission to build a sustainable future for America’s youth.

One way you can support CAA’s efforts is by scheduling a no-cost Home Energy Assessment! HWE will make a $25 donation to Children Across America for every performed assessment. Schedule now at hwe.click/caa or call (781) 528-0822 and mention Children Across America.

A no-cost Home Energy Assessment shows you how your home consumes and loses energy and you get access to generous Mass Save® rebates such as 75%+ off insulation, 100% off air sealing, and no-cost items such as LED light bulbs and programmable thermostats. You get a custom energy report of your home and Children Across America gets $25 to help support their educational and health-focused efforts for underserved children in the community!