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Are you an apartment renter, condo owner, building resident, landlord, or building owner? Multi-family buildings with 2-4 units are eligible for generous Mass Save® incentives such as 100% off insulation and 100% off air sealing! Get a no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessment to see how making each unit in your building more energy-efficient can save money and energy year-round and make a positive impact on everyone!

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Owners & Landlords

Reduce energy costs, make all units more comfortable, and lower the carbon footprint of your building with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Learn about the energy-efficiency of your building and how to access Mass Save incentives. Stop wasting money on energy, reduce complaints of cold and hot units, and start advertising energy-efficiency in your listings!

Residents & Renters

Make your unit more comfortable year-round and lower your energy use with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment! Access incentives and get no-cost items for your unit such as LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and advanced power strips. Feel the difference in every season and see a decrease in your monthly energy costs with improved energy-efficiency!

Benefits of a No-Cost Virtual Home Energy Assessment for Your Building

  • 100% Off Insulation

  • 100% Off Air Sealing

  • Custom Building Energy Report

  • Improved Building Energy-Efficiency

  • HVAC Rebates

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions

  • Access to 0% Financing

  • Save Money on Energy Costs

  • Completed Safety Checks

  • No-Cost LED Bulbs

  • No-Cost Faucet Aerators

  • No-Cost Energy-Saving Showerheads

  • No-Cost Programmable Thermostats

  • No-Cost Advanced Power Strips

  • Reduced Energy in All Seasons

  • More Comfortable Units Year-round

  • Rebates Applied Upfront

  • Rebate Paperwork Completed for You

Get Access to Mass Save® Incentives


HomeWorks Energy is a Mass Save® partner, which means that you get access to special incentives such as:

  • A 0% financing Mass Save® Heat Loan

  • Up to $2,750 in qualifying HVAC rebates

  • 100% off approved insulation

  • 100% off air sealing

There are generous Mass Save® rebates and incentives for multi-family buildings, we just need all units on board to complete a no-cost Home Energy Assessment! Fill out the form below with your landlord’s or building owner’s contact information and we will take it from there! Let us tell them about how the entire building can benefit from energy-efficiency!

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According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy


“Multifamily properties, those with apartment or condominium buildings, present a tremendous opportunity for energy savings. Comprehensive, cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades can improve the energy efficiency of these properties by 15-30% and save $3.4 billion in multifamily utility costs across the United States.”

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Andy M.
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They did a FANTASTIC job! They were courteous, professional, on-time, and thorough. Their workmanship was terrific.

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We highly recommend the Mass Save program and HomeWorks Energy for your energy assessment and subsequent energy efficiency work!

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They were prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. They were also very respectful of my home.


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