A lot of people in Massachusetts are preparing their holiday shopping lists. Many of those lists will be filled with gifts and gadgets, but some might have new appliances written at the top. Purchasing new appliances can be an investment, but often there are many benefits to upgrading to new, energy-efficient models. Luckily, the Mass Save program can help the people of Massachusetts who are ready to put new appliances in their homes.

Homeowners who purchase the following appliances can realize savings through the Mass Save program:

Room Air Cleaners

Air purifiers are small yet powerful appliances that can help keep the air inside the home free of dust and dirt particles. People who are sensitive to polluted air, such as those with asthma, often find that these appliances are essential to their health and comfort. However, older models are particularly inefficient, and it can cost a lot of money to operate these room air cleaners on a regular basis. Those who live in Massachusetts have the opportunity to upgrade to a newer model and realize an energy savings of almost 40 percent. In addition, they may be eligible to receive a $40 rebate toward the purchase of their new appliance through the Mass Save program.


Given the fluctuation of the seasons in New England, it comes as no surprise that many Massachusetts residents have dehumidifiers in their homes. This is another relatively small appliance that can make a big difference in the comfort level of a home. Dehumidifiers work to remove moisture from the air, which can make the air temperature more comfortable as well as prevent mold and mildew from growing in the home. It’s an appliance that is beneficial for those who suffer from allergies, as it can significantly reduce the number of allergens within the home. Recent technology has allowed dehumidifiers to become more efficient without being less effective. Massachusetts residents who want to upgrade to an energy-efficient dehumidifier may qualify for a $30 rebate.

Clothes Washers

At one point in time, a washing machine was a luxury. Today, however, nearly all Massachusetts residents have a clothes washer in their home. Depending on the age and model of their washing machine, they may be inadvertently using significantly more water and energy than they realize. The most recent models are more energy-efficient, and they can automatically adjust the cycle to fit the needs of the individual load that has been placed in the machine. Homeowners should consider purchasing a new washing machine in order to realize significant savings on their utility bills each month. In addition, they may qualify for a $350 rebate through the Mass Save program when they replace their old unit with a new, energy-efficient appliance.

Clothes Dryers

The clothes dryer is likely one of the most frequently used appliances in any home, and also one that uses a lot of energy. Clothes dryers are typically set for a specific amount of time, and they use a high amount of heat in order to dry the clothes as quickly as possible. However, some of these settings leave the machine drying clothes for a much longer time than is necessary. For Massachusetts homeowners, this is bad news for their energy bill and also for their clothes. Excessive heat and prolonged drying times can damage your clothes. For a better experience overall, residents should consider upgrading to a new, energy-efficient drying machine. Smart sensors can detect when clothing is dry, and then the machine will automatically turn off. In addition, less energy is used to heat the clothes. Massachusetts residents may find that they are eligible to receive a $50 rebate when they purchase an energy-efficient clothes dryer.


The refrigerator is the most obvious and perhaps the most useful appliance in the house. It also can use up a significant amount of energy each month. Investing in one of the latest refrigerator models is the best way to take advantage of the newest technological features that are designed to help save energy. Of course, once a homeowner has bought a new refrigerator they are left trying to figure out what to do their old appliance. The Mass Save program offers no-cost removal and pick-up through its recycling program. Qualified homeowners may also be eligible for a $75 rebate.

In addition to providing rebates and incentives for purchasing new, energy-efficient appliances, Mass Save also provides incentives for upgrading to smart technology that can help control your energy usage. For example, Massachusetts residents may be able to get rebates of $100 for up to 4 smart thermostats.

There are so many benefits to the Mass Save program, and it’s important that Massachusetts residents take advantage of them all. For more information on how the Mass Save program can help you, contact HomeWorks Energy