Are you on the fence about making energy-efficient improvements on your home due to costs? Thankfully, the Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program offers 0% financing on eligible energy-efficient upgrades– including home heating, cooling, and insulation — called HEAT loans.

If you are not familiar with the Mass Save Program, learn more!

Like anything involving a loan or bank, there’s paperwork, certain eligibility, etc. Fortunately, that’s where HomeWorks Energy and our dedicated Specialists come in. HomeWorks Energy takes the stress out of the process with our staff taking care of as much of the HEAT loan process as possible. In short: We do the paperwork, and you get a check!


The HEAT Loan process starts after you have completed a no-cost home energy assessment via the Mass Save Program. If you have yet to receive an assessment, schedule one today! During your assessment, an energy specialist will offer recommendations for your home and provide you with a yellow HEAT Loan folder that includes many details about the program as well as the HEAT Loan Intake Form.

Begin by filling out this form then contact our Energy Specialists who will be able to evaluate your home project needs. Our Specialists will be able to tell you if your home qualifies for 0% financing on improvements and make recommendations on the efficiency upgrades that make the most sense for you and your home. HEAT Loans can be taken for projects up to $25,000 with terms up to 7 years depending on your sponsor and loan provider. HomeWorks Energy can provide all of the services covered by the HEAT Loan program, making us a truly full-service solution for home energy improvements!


The HEAT loan can be utilized to finance energy-efficient improvements such as:

  • Central Air Conditioning/Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Mini-Split Heat Pump
  • Insulation
  • Replacement Windows
  • Domestic Hot Water Equipment/Solar Hot Water
  • Heating System Replacement

Once you and your specialist determine the best course of action, you’ll receive a HEAT Loan Authorization Form. This form will need to be taken to an authorized lender. This part is up to you, but don’t worry, it’s straightforward: go to the bank and sign some forms. For most banks, this means going down to the office in person. Here is a list of participating HEAT Loan Lenders. But here’s a tip: Hanscom Federal Credit Union can take care of the process over the phone and online, meaning you don’t have to take time to go down to their office.

Once you are approved by your lender, you will receive a check. Simply call your contractor (e.g., us!), let them know everything is good to go and they will take care of your home improvement project. Once the job is done, you just sign the two-party check over to cover the costs and you are all done!

HomeWorks Is Here To Help

With HomeWorks Energy helping you from start to finish, it’s really easy and about as smooth a process as it can possibly be. From your initial home energy assessment, to the paperwork, to those energy-efficient improvements, we’ve got you covered! HomeWorks Energy’s mission is to help Massachusetts homeowners increase the energy efficiency of their homes through the many energy-saving initiatives that Mass Save offers. As the largest certified home performance contractor in Massachusetts, HomeWorks Energy has helped over 50,000 residents save money, energy, and the planet through energy-efficient solutions.

So if you are worried about the costs of making energy-efficiency improvements on your home, don’t be! With Mass Save’s 0% financing and plenty of other rebates and incentives, the costs are much lower than you might think. We are here to help you navigate through the process. When you are ready, contact HomeWorks Energy at (781) 305-3319 or send us an email and we will help with your HEAT Loan.

If you would like more information regarding the HEAT Loan program, check out the official Mass Save page.

How Do I Start Saving?

Take the first step by scheduling an assessment and we will get you set up for a no-cost home energy assessment through the Mass Save Program. You can start saving money, energy, and the planet easily! If you qualify, we can schedule an energy assessment at your convenience. Through these assessments, you gain access to many incentives, rebates, and discounts offered through the Mass Save Program.

What’s Included:

  • No-cost high-efficiency lightbulb replacements. We’ll install them throughout your home!
  • Energy use evaluation and infrared report of any trouble areas.
  • Safety check for mold, CO levels, and gas leaks.
  • No-cost energy-efficient showerheads and programmable thermostats.
  • A custom energy efficiency report and action plan, including recommendations for insulation improvements.