A home energy specialist with customer and the REAX smart thermostat

In recent years, the market has been flooded with smart devices that claim they can revolutionize life within the home. From smart door locks to home assistants who can tell you anything, play any song or even place an online order for you, it seems that the opportunities to automate the home are endless.

While there’s a lot of products and devices to choose from, perhaps the most worthwhile investment is a smart thermostat. A wi-fi thermostat, such as the REAX Smart Thermostat, can help you reduce your energy output, lower your utility bills and increase the comfort of your home.

The Difference Between a Smart Thermostat and a Programmable Thermostat

Before you decide if a smart thermostat is the right option for your home, you will want to know the differences between a smart thermostat and a programmable thermostat. For starters, a programmable thermostat is not connected to the Internet. A smart thermostat is a wi-fi thermostat that can be controlled from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. A programmable thermostat must be programmed by the user and does not fluctuate unless the programming is manually adjusted.

Studies show that most homeowners who have a programmable thermostat never take the time to set the programming, or they forget to adjust the programming once it has initially been set up. Homeowners do not have to take the time to readjust their heating and cooling settings, because their smart thermostat does it for them.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Help Save You Money?

A smart thermostat will save you money in a variety of ways, such as:

During times when you are away or when you are sleeping, your smart thermostat will instantly adjust the settings accordingly. It allows you to control your heating and cooling settings remotely. If you happen to rush out the door to catch your flight and you forget to adjust your temperature settings, you no longer have to worry. You can simply log in to the app on your smartphone and adjust the settings from there.

In addition, most smart thermostats can be synced to home assistant devices, and you can use voice technology to make the adjustments you prefer. On the app, you can review reports that provide usage information. These reports break down your activity levels versus the temperature settings and allow you to make more informed decisions about the heating and cooling settings in your home.

How Much Will I Save with a REAX Smart Thermostat?

Given the fact that every home is different and each individual homeowner has different preferences, there is no set amount that you will save when you install a smart thermostat in your home. However, studies have shown that these thermostats have allowed for small adjustments that can lead to significant energy and cost savings over the long-term. Depending on the activity levels in your home and the patterns you establish, you may save anywhere from 2 to 25 percent on your energy bills.

HomeWorks Energy Can Install A REAX Smart Thermostat for You

HomeWorks Energy offers a valuable option for consumers who are interested in having a REAX Smart Thermostat installed in their homes. HomeWorks Energy is a Mass Save partner, and therefore offers no-cost home energy assessments to its customers. During this appointment, you can request that the contractor install a REAX Smart Thermostat for an additional $100 fee. Considering the fact that the retail price of a smart thermostat combined with the installation costs can often soar more than $300, this option can provide homeowners with significant cost savings.

For more information on how you can save money with a REAX Smart Thermostat, contact us today and schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.