While one homeowner may have different decorating ideas from another, nearly every homeowner has the same goal when taking on a new home improvement project. They want to upgrade the features and amenities of their home in order to reduce utility costs and increase their property value.

One of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient while simultaneously boosting its property value is to add insulation.

Insulation and Comfort Levels in the Home

One of the miraculous things about insulation is that it increases comfort levels in the home throughout the entire year. During the cold, harsh New York winters, added insulation will keep the warm air trapped in the home. When the summer heat waves inevitably arrive in Boston, the added insulation will actually keep the home cooler, rather than warmer. People who invest in added insulation often report that they find their home a more enjoyable place to live after the insulation has been installed.

Insulation and Home Energy Usage 

Of course, the comfort of the people living inside the home is important. However, most homeowners are most interested in the financial return on their investment. Added insulation is going to significantly decrease home energy usage, and ultimately lower the utility bills. The amount of money that an individual could save each month will be highly dependent on what type of insulation they choose, how large their house is and where their house is located, but most people enjoy a significant savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Homeowners who are preparing to list their homes with added insulation on the market should definitely promote this upgrade on their listing, as it’s an amenity that many home buyers are searching for in their next home.

Insulation and its Impact on Property Value

In addition to making a home more appealing to the most qualified home buyers, added insulation also can help increase the property value of a home and allow a homeowner to sell it at a higher price point. The impact that the added insulation has on property value will vary based on the size of the home and the type of insulation that was installed, but some reports indicate that homeowners will enjoy a 2 to 6 percent increase in their overall property value. Energy-efficient upgrades are in high demand, which means that homeowners who invest in these features and upgrades will enjoy a significant return on their investment.

Just as each individual homeowner is different, every property is unique as well.

Homeowners who are interested in adding insulation to reduce their home energy costs and increase their property value should work with an experienced professional who can make reliable recommendations. HomeWorks Energy is the leading team of home insulation installers in New York and Massachusetts. We can help you decide which type of insulation you need in order to get the best return on your investment.

To learn more about the benefits of adding insulation to your New England home, contact us today.