The hot weather is already here but there is still time to head into the summer with a high performing cooling system. There are plenty of warm weather days ahead which makes now the best time to make sure your system is working its best for you and your family. Here are some questions to help you figure out if it could be time to upgrade!

Do You Have Recent or Upcoming Home Improvement Projects?

Why not add energy efficiency to your list of home improvement projects? For example, if you plan to put an addition on your home, a ductless mini-split system is a great option for heating and cooling that area without the expense of adding ducts. If your room layout is changing or if you’re interested in conditioning individual rooms to save money, put your cooling plans in the hands of our experts and they can come in and give their best advice based on your goals. Owners of historic and new homes can save money by adjusting their cooling strategy during the reno process.

Are You Uncomfortable Inside During the Summer?

We’ve seen it all and we’ve heard neighbors say that they assumed their home just wasn’t built for comfort during extreme temps. The good news is that even the most historic homes can become energy efficient with the right changes. An uncomfortable home is not something you should settle for and issues like drafts, inconsistent temps, or just plain hot rooms are all things that can be fixed! Consider upgrading your cooling system, insulation, and air sealing. Done all together, they get the job done. The best part is that, as a Mass Save® partner, HomeWorks Energy can offer eligible neighbors 75%+ off approved insulation, 100% off air sealing, big rebates, and 0% financing. Sign up for a Home Energy Assessment here to get access to the benefits.

Do You Have High Energy Use?

When your energy costs start to soar when temperatures rise, that’s a telling sign that you don’t have control over how your home performs during the summer. While there are many ways to lower your energy costs like installing a programmable thermostat and making upgrades to your insulation, switching out your older air conditioning model for an energy-efficient one can make a big difference in monthly energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 43% of home energy costs are attributed to heating and cooling. With such a big chunk of your monthly budget going to conditioning your home, it only makes sense to do it as efficiently as possible. When you start saving energy, you’ll see savings pile up which makes it an investment that will eventually pay for itself.

How Old Is Your System?

If your system is more than 10 years old, recommends replacing your air conditioner which will help you reduce energy and save on cooling costs. There are many things that can shorten the lifespan of your cooling system such as prolonging repairs, skipping tune-ups, and forgetting to change your air filter. A system that hasn’t been properly taken care of (including the previous owners of your home) will need replacement sooner than usual because it works harder than it should every day to try and perform its best. At HomeWorks Energy, we offer repairs, tune-ups, and everything in between and we can help you look at your system and figure out what makes sense for your unique situation. Call us at (781) 374-7079 for more information.

What Is Your System’s SEER Rating?

A SEER rating is an evaluation of your cooling system’s average performance over a full year period. The higher your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, the better it is for your wallet and the planet. Air conditioners on the market today are manufactured with a SEER rating from 13-25 and cannot drop below that mark according to regulations in place from the U.S. Department of Energy. Knowing your SEER rating is a good place to start when it comes to understanding the capabilities of your current cooling system and deciding if it’s time to make a change. Curious about how your heating system measures up, too? Check out your AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating for your furnace or boiler. A high efficiency unit can have a rating between 90-97%, which means little wasted energy and money.

Have You Had a Cooling Consultation?

One of the best ways to understand your cooling system and how it’s performing is to sign up for a free consultation with our heating and cooling experts. We will take a detailed look at your current system and tell you how it’s doing and where there is room for improvements in efficiency. There is no obligation and no cost. At the end of your consultation you will get top energy efficiency suggestions that are tailored to your system type, equipment brand, and home. Whether it’s energy or money, we always try to help our neighbors find ways to save, so we will look for the best rebates and incentives to make your project affordable like 0% financing or big discounts on cooling equipment.

Consider HomeWorks Energy your one-stop-cooling-shop. We offer repairs, tune-ups, upgrades, and free consultations! Call (781) 374-7079 for more information or schedule a free cooling consultation here.