Partners in Energy Efficiency

HomeWorks has partnered with PosiGen to connect customers interested in solar energy with the benefits of the Mass Save® program. 

About our Partner:
Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, PosiGen is the nation’s leading residential solar, energy efficiency and energy education provider for underserved communities. PosiGen has more than 22,000 resident customers, over 520 direct employees and also supports more than 150 employees through its contractors in Louisiana, Mississippi, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. PosiGen’s unique services and products makes solar energy affordable to homeowners of all income levels, and offers individuals, families, and businesses the opportunity to achieve greater fiscal autonomy and energy independence by lowering utility bills. To learn more about PosiGen, please visit www.PosiGen.com 

What to Expect from a Home Energy Assessment

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We’ll work with your utility provider to get approval for the Home Energy Assessment. If we need more information from you for the approval, we’ll call you within 24 hours.


Your Home Energy Specialist will be at your home at your scheduled time and will begin your Assessment. The assessment typically takes between 2-3 hours.

You will learn how your home consumes and loses energy and you’ll receive a custom home energy report, along with other recommendations to save like insulation or air sealing upgrades.

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You get access to all eligible benefits like 75-100% off insulation, 100% off air sealing, 0% financing, up to $16,000 in heat pump rebates, and no-cost items.

Do You Qualify?

You must live in Massachusetts and be a customer of National Grid or Eversource.

You can only have an assessment once every two years.

You must live in a single-family home or building with 4 units or less.

If you are on fuel assistance or a discount utility rate, call 1-866-527-7283 to start saving.

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