One of the best ways to develop a better understanding of how well the insulation is working in your home is to schedule a home energy assessment that uses a thermal camera.

A home energy specialist with a thermal camera

What is a Thermal Camera?

A thermal camera is a tool that is used to provide property owners with a visual representation of how well their home is insulated. The home energy specialist who is conducting a home energy audit will take both exterior and interior pictures of the home using the thermal camera. The thermal images that are produced will show where heat is trapped and where heat is escaping the home.

How Thermal Imaging Helps Provide the Best Home Energy Audit Results

The purpose of a home energy assessment is to evaluate the existing structure of your home and determine the overall efficiency of your property. Most homeowners want to have a home energy assessment performed because they are interested in using factual data to decide whether they need to upgrade to the latest HVAC equipment, install additional insulation or invest in more sustainable technology.

While a qualified contractor may be able to enter a home and evaluate the efficiency of the property without the use of a thermal camera, the homeowner might not get the full picture. Thermal cameras can provide scientific insight into where heat is escaping from the home. When heat escapes through the doors, the walls or the roof of the home, the homeowner is forced to over-work their heating equipment without seeing improved results. The house will still feel chilly, their energy bills will rise and the heat that is being produced is being lost to the outside elements.

With a thermal camera in hand, a home energy specialist can use infrared technology to create thermal images that show exactly where heat is escaping in the home. These images can help homeowners decide if they need to add insulation and where they should put the added insulation in the home. Ultimately, it allows them to make the best possible decisions for their own home.

Walls above a heating air vent show dark (cold) spots that may be lacking insulation.

The Benefits of Scheduling a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment with a Thermal Camera

There are many benefits associated with scheduling a no-cost home energy assessment that includes thermal imaging:

  • By booking a home energy audit with a thermal camera, you do not have to purchase your own thermal camera or thermal imaging equipment. As a thermal camera is a specialized piece of equipment, it can often carry with it an expensive price tag. It is better to partner with a contractor like HomeWorks Energy that is equipped with one rather than buying your own since you will not need to use it frequently.
  • You will have visual evidence to show you where you may need insulation in your home. The vivid hues on the thermal images will give a clear indication of where you need to add insulation. You can make better decisions based on these results.
  • Thermal imaging will allow your home energy specialist to better evaluate your home and provide you with more insight into how you can maximize your energy savings. When armed with accurate and reliable data, your home energy specialist can give specific suggestions and create an effective energy savings plan that can be easily implemented.
  • You can see parts of your home that you’d never be able to see with your naked eye, like inside of walls. How cool is that?

The warm lamp on the left appears in yellow, while the cold spots in the walls appear in dark purple.

While thermal imaging can be performed at any time of the year, it is often most effective when used during the winter season. Now is the best time to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment with thermal imaging. At HomeWorks Energy, we provide our customers with reliable home energy audit results that they can use to make informed decisions about the energy efficiency of their homes. Be sure to request from your home energy specialist a scan from a thermal camera at your assessment. Contact us today to book your home energy assessment.