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[fusion_text]Keeping your home comfortable is a year-round challenge, but gets especially challenging when the weather cools off– or gets downright frigid.  Keeping drafts– also known as ‘air infiltration’– to a minimum becomes a primary concern when the air outside is at or near zero degrees. Most homeowners look first to their windows. At first glance this makes sense– windows are panes of glass, and essentially sit in a huge hole in the wall. If the frame and the wall are not flush and properly sealed, drafts happen.

But windows are not the only– and not even the worst– culprits for air infiltration or temperature change. Plus, new windows are pretty pricey. Dollar for dollar, the most effective way to keep the air in your home at a comfortable temperature is with proper insulation.

Think about it. Compared to the size of your home’s walls, windows are small. A lack of insulation in your walls lets heat exchange happen essentially unhindered throughout the entire outer area of your home. The air outside heats or cools the air inside the walls, which mixes freely with the air inside your home. The end result is you using more energy to keep your home from feeling like outside.

Another threat to the comfort of your home is air infiltration. What we usually think of as ‘drafts’ are caused by the outside air pushing in through cracks, holes, and broken seals in the walls of the home. Outside air thTestimonial Bubbleat pushes into your home leads to inconsistent interior temperatures, and more wasted energy.

Properly insulated walls prevent heat exchange and air infiltration, keeping the air inside your home at the temperature you want, for less energy.



But doesn’t insulating a house cost a lot of money?  

It might, if it were not for the Mass Save program. Mass Save will cover 75% of the cost of insulating your home, up to $2000. Most insulation orders we see don’t exceed this $2000 maximum from Mass Save, meaning a full 75% savings on every single dollar!

The ultimate upshot is that you get effective insulation at a fraction of its usual up-front cost, and it pays for itself three times more quickly!

Why now? Can’t this wait until Fall?

In another world, it could. However, most homeowners have this exact thought, and as a result we see a huge upswell in insulation orders beginning in September. The best thing to do is to get ahead of the crowd. Order early, and get in the front of the line.

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HomeWorks Energy is an approved Mass Save contractor, who strives to help homeowners save energy, save money, and save the environment. We will work with you to identify the best opportunities to make your home more energy efficient and save as much as money possible in the process. Call us today at (781) 305-3319 to set up your free home energy assessment. Or sign up online and we’ll call you![/fusion_text]