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Reuse old incandescent bulbs in fun crafts

Your standard incandescent light bulbs can be replaced at no cost as part of a Homeworks Energy home energy assessment, but you can still make good use of them as crafts projects! The smooth glass, make an ideal canvas for some paints, base for wraps and coverings, or vessels for filling.

First Step: Hollowing out the bulb

Before you do anything with a light bulb, you need to remove the interior components and clean the inside of the glass. Fortunately it’s a pretty straightforward process, and this tutorial by TeamDroid will lead you through the process. Be careful and take appropriate precaution, and you should have clean bulbs ready to go in no time!

Paint them

The fun shape of bulbs make for fun painting opportunities. In keeping with the spooky spirit of the season, they make great jack-o-lantern faces and spooky ghosts! Also good for inexpensive holiday ornaments.




Wrap them

Bulbs also make great bases for for wrappings of various kinds. Paper, fabric, twine, even wire can turn your bulbs into anything from hot air balloons to creepy spiders.


wrap-balloons wrap-twine wrap-spiders


Fill them

Glass bulbs make great vessels for filling. Plant sprouts in water are a common use for old bulbs. You can even turn light bulbs into their predecessors by filling them with oil and adding a wick– light bulb candles! Some have even taken to filling bulbs with concrete and then breaking the glass away to create concrete knobs.


fill-sprout fill-oil fill-concrete


Light them

Another fun way to re-use old bulbs is in combination with other light sources. Arranging the bulbs around a light source lets the glass scatter light throughout the room. You can customize the resulting light to your liking by removing more or less of the powder the inside.

light-candles light-bulbs light-chandelier


So now tell us your ideas below for old light bulbs!