You may be on the fence about upgrading your home’s heating, cooling, or insulation due to cost. Fortunately, The Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program has your back with 0% financing on eligible upgrades– including home heating, cooling, and insulation — called HEAT loans.

Even at 0% the loans are not free, of course. Like anything involving a bank, there’s paperwork. Fortunately, that’s where HomeWorks Energy and our dedicated Heating & Cooling Team comes in. HomeWorks Energy’s mission is to help Massachusetts homeowners take advantage of as many energy saving initiatives as possible.

HomeWorks Energy is a big part of that: they have a dedicated staff to take care of as much of the HEAT loans process as possible. In short: They do the paperwork, and you get a check!

The HEAT Loan process starts after a completed Home Energy Assessment with a HVAC Specialist to evaluate your needs.  They will tell you if your home qualifies for 0% financing on improvements and make recommendations on the efficiency upgrades that make the most sense for your home. We can provide all of the services covered by the HEAT Loan program, making us a truly full-service solution for home energy improvements.

You’ll receive a HEAT Loan Authorization Form, which will need to be taken to an authorized lender. This part is all on you, but it’s straightforward: go to the bank, sign some forms. For most banks, this means going down to the office in person. But here’s a hot tip: Hanscom Federal Credit Union can take care of the process over the phone and online, meaning you don’t have to take time to go down to their office.

Once you’re approved by your lender, you’ll receive a check. Just call your contractor (e.g., us!), let them know everything is good to go, and they’ll come finish the work. Once the job’s done, you just sign the check over to cover the costs. Done!

It’s really that easy, and with HomeWorks Energy helping from start to finish, it’s about a smooth as it can possibly be. From your initial Home Energy Assessment, to the paperwork, to the final energy-saving improvements, we’ve got you covered!

So if you’ve been on the fence about making energy-efficiency improvements to your home, don’t be! With Mass Save and 0% financing, along with plenty of other rebates and incentives, the cost is really much lower than you might think. Contact us today to take the first step by scheduling an in-home energy assessment. Call HomeWorks Energy at (781) 305-3319, or just fill out the contact form in the sidebar and we’ll call you!