HomeWorks Energy & the City of Quincy Team Up for Savings | Homeworks Energy
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Quincy Mayor Tom Koch announced the creation of the Quincy Saves energy efficiency improvement program. The program teams the City of Quincy and HomeWorks Energy, among others, in a concerted effort to meet a challenge set forth by utilities provider National Grid.

National Grid has challenged Quincy residents to complete 701 no-cost energy assessments by the end of 2016. HomeWorks Energy provides these thorough, in-home assessments that identify all the ways a home can use less energy and save money as a result. After an assessment, the Home Energy Specialist creates an individualized report, specific to that home, which outlines the various improvements available for that home via the Mass Save program.

The Mass Save program offers incentives like a 75% discount of up to $2,000 in insulation, between $300-$1,600 for an energy efficient heating/hot water system, as well as other discounts and rebates, including 0% loans. All this alongside no-cost offerings like LED and CFL light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and low-flow shower heads. The savings are potentially enormous.

Any resident of Quincy who completes a no-cost home energy assessment contributes to the 701 assessment challenge. Keep in mind: you don’t have to be a homeowner to qualify. If you have a utility bill in your name, you qualify for a no-cost assessment.

HomeWorks Energy is proud to team up with Mayor Koch and the City, and invites every resident to join in and make Quincy homes as energy efficient as possible. To learn more about our no-cost energy efficiency assessments, have us contact you.