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The positive feedback keeps rolling in. HomeWorks Energy customers are always raving about our work. In addition to our Facebook feedback and Google ratings, customers give us positive feedback in person, over the phone, and via email. Check out what Emily and Randy had to say.

Emily had a new boiler, insulation, and door seals installed in her Tewksbury home. The effects have been awesome, and we love hearing about it!

“My new boiler is awesome and along with the new insulation and door seals my house has been warmer and the heating is much more consistent throughout the house! … Thanks again for helping me through this process – you get an A+++ for service!”

“The installers did a mind blowing job… To design and build a system as complex as that one was and to have it work beautifully says a lot about their skill and dedication. Mike was wonderful too. I’m very happy with the outcome!”

Emily, Tewksbury

Randy in Grafton had a home energy assessment performed, and got some no-cost LED lights installed. Scott even inspected areas in Randy’s attic that he was especially worried about. Now Randy tells his friends all about us!

I immediately [told] friends and co workers about the program, and highly recommended Scott. He brought his infrared camera, as requested in the original phone interview with a different rep, was great at explaining things, and was willing to climb around my difficult attic to look at specific areas of concern.  […] I can'[t] provide enough praise for Scott, and so the only thing I could do is give his name and number out to more of my friends!

Randy, Grafton

Thank you, Emily and Randy, for your kind words and letting us share them!

We do work we can take pride in, and so hold ourselves to high standards of service and expertise. Whether you want a home energy assessment, or to see what kinds of energy rebates and incentives you qualify for, or need a new boiler installed in your home, HomeWorks Energy has you covered. Contact us today for more information, and to schedule an in-home energy audit.