Massachusetts Residents

HomeWorks Energy is partnered with Arkadia Media, a marketing company that specializes in helping residents lower their energy bills.

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Arkadia Media is a full service energy broker, working in 36 states to help residents lower their energy bills. Arkadia works closely with HomeWorks Energy on direct marketing campaigns that help connect residents to the Mass Save® program. Residents who take advantage of the program can make their home more comfortable and save money on their energy bills. Together, Arkadia Media and HomeWorks Energy are working to keep the state ranked #1 in the country for sustainability.

What to Expect from the Virtual Energy Assessment

A home energy specialist will video or call you at an agreed upon time. You'll send photos of your home's interior along with the type and number of LED light bulbs needed.

With the information gathered over the call, we'll mail you a package of LED light bulbs, smart power strips, water-saving shower heads and more.

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We'll provide personalized recommendations such as adding insulation or heating system replacement. Insulation installations will be performed with proper precautions to ensure all-around safety.

Do You Qualify?

You must live in Massachusetts and be a customer of National Grid or Eversource

You can only have an assessment once every three years.
You must live in a single-family home or building with 4 units or fewer.
If you are on fuel payment assistance, you will need to contact Mass Save at 1-866-527-SAVE (7283).

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