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HomeWorks Energy is dedicated to community and the arts. That’s why we are partnered with the All You Got Tour.

For every no-cost Home Energy Assessment completed through this form, we will contribute to the Tour’s fundraising campaign, which will help young musicians to gain access to:

  • Equipment

  • Recording

  • Photo shoots

  • Merchandise

  • Sound engineers

  • Roadies

  • Speakers

  • Visual artists to accompany performances

The Tour’s Mission

  • Offer a successful youth music tour for 21 and under artists and bands that offers quality performance opportunities, career enhancement, artist development growth and exposure to important social issues.

  • Inspire, motivate and educate young artists and tour audiences by combining music and positive messages shared by community speakers and role models.

  • Offer a unique career changing experience for young performers, and inspire them to make healthy decisions by embracing the art of imagination and creativity.

  • Present spokespeople for anti-bullying, drug prevention and education, and healthy lifestyles. Tour artists will connect with their audience in a fun, positive way.

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